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Gucci soho Disco Bag

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  1. Hellooo everyone!
    I'm thinking of getting the Gucci soho disco bag, but I don't know in which color..
    the choices are: black or nude.
    Which one would you choose?
    Do you have one of this?
    Is it worth it?
    Thank you so much!!!
  2. I have red and rose beige which is the nude you must be referring to. I’d suggest black as it’s probably most useful color. It’s a great small bag.
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  3. I like the Gucci Soho Disco bag very much. It's a gorgeous, functional bag, fits a ton. I like it in black, it adds a chic factor.
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  4. I have two - in red and black. I definitely find myself reaching for black more.
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  5. I have the black, and personally only like the black because of how the logo kind of blends in, you do not see the stitching.
    In any event, such a useful bag, totally worth it.
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  6. I have the red one. I love the pop of color because I wear a lot of black and gray and denim and navy. And my winter coats are black.
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  7. I'd choose black....
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  8. I would go with Black.
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  9. I have the rose beige (nude) and I think it goes great with everything. I tend to not wear my black bags during the spring summer because they look so dark with my light and airy outfits. My only suggestion is to treat the bag and any dark clothes that may result in color transfer. I have some color transfer from my darker jeans. Wish I had treated it when I first got it.
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