Gucci Small/mini Padlock Bag - is it an everyday bag?


Jul 21, 2021
Hi all :biggrin:,

I have been lurking on the forums for awhile now looking to buy my first Gucci bag. I recently came across the Gucci small padlock bag, and I absolutely adore the design of it. I love that it’s got both canvas and leather and how it’s a bag that seems like it can be worn both casually and dressed up for special occasions.
For people who have had this bag, do you think this can be used as an everyday type of bag? I want a crossbody bag that I can take to shopping, and hanging out with friends etc. I don’t usually carry a lot in my bag, just a small wallet, iPhone 11, house and car keys and maybe a small hand sanitizer. I heard this bag is on the heavier side that’s my main worry. I don’t see a lot of online reviews on this bag so I thought I would make a post about it. Any input would help! Thanks all 777944CA-C2B1-4A04-9E87-9BD02A78F992.