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Goyard Auction Site -- Thoughts?

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  1. I just got an email from them today.

    I'm located in NYC and that's where their boutique is, from what I can tell, it's a reputable seller and they seem to have good reviews.
  2. good point. Well the issue is that is buying over the phone even POSSIBLE? Given how stuck up some of these stores are, hmmmm that's a hard one :P
  3. We buy over the phone with NM in Chicago :yes:
    Excellent service!
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  4. Oh really? Hope the tax there isn't to high...I live in Iowa, no NM around :sad:
  5. We have NM in my state. I’m not sure the % they’ve charged us.
  6. I email the goyard in Ny. They take a while and certainly aren’t the fastest.. I’m sure they are even slower due to the holiday.. But they always get back to me at some point
  7. Then I highly recommend NM Goyard in Chicago, they're very quick! The packaging is IMPECCABLE too! I just got an Artois for my birthday 2 weeks ago, I'll post pics of the packaging soon.
    PM me for SA, if you need a referral.
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