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Glue patches

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  1. Hi all, I want to give some life to my old Nevefull, and I decided to personalize ir with patches. I dont know what glue can I use on the bag. I tried toupee tape but the patches dont stick properly on the edges.
    Any ideas or experiences?
  2. Hi. I’m not too sure what type of glue to use however I’ve read where people have actually ironed on patches which were pre-glued even on leather bags. (Of course they would protect the bag by putting a piece of material on the bag before ironing the patch.)
  3. Thanks!!!! I have the patches already and this come without any glue....hugs
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  4. I tried searching the net and read that you should buy a glue for leather/fabric. However I haven’t found which one is best for handbags. Maybe another member may be of help. :smile:

    Good luck.
  5. my idea would be "kids, don't try this at home".
    Canvas peeling is enough as a problem as it is, why would you want to accelerate it?
  6. Liquid glue, they come in tiny tubes, can be messy though be warned.