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Gabrielle Hobo vs My Lady Dior

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  1. I recently bought an ABC My Lady Dior but now would like to get a small Gabrielle Hobo. Do you think they are too similiar? Does anyone have both and can tell me size wise how they compare? I cant make it into the boutique until next week and im not very patient ☺️

    I have a burgundy my lady and im hoping to find the bright pink gabrielle
  2. They are two different style of bags. And congrats on your purchased! Because Dior has just increased their price today :smile:
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  3. I was in your position this year except it was between medium Gabrielle Hobo and mini or My Lady Dior. I love the look of the hobo when I see it in photos but it was extremely awkward on me. I think my hips are too wide and I’m too short while the hobo is too stiff. It jutted out too much and just made me look stubby. Needless to say I got the mini Lady Dior (the chain strap won me over vs the My Lady).