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Follow me as I track down my missing Nano Speedy

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  1. I guess I'm just confused... If they said "Sent to store" but you have not received it, you can't just cancel the order and get your money back? Why is it on you to track this down?
  2. Since you have the tracking number can’t you open a claim with UPS directly through their site? They will then talk to LV directly. Why do you need LV to open the claim with UPS?
  3. Apparently not; Client Services claims the package is in customs and there's nothing they can do (and also nothing UPS can do) and they said they will only refund me after an investigation with UPS. Of course, we haven't even gotten confirmation that anything has been done from LV's end. And the other thing is, it's NOT stuck in customs. The tracking doesn't reflect the package's actual location and only shipments from questionable countries would be stuck for this long, even if it were...

    I tried it, and I need to provide "contact details" of the shipper. I have no name, no phone number, no email address. I have been told by both UPS and LV that any claim opened has to come from the shipper (LV). This is the same for CanadaPost and USPS - the shipper has to initiate the claim. I'm LV's customer and LV is UPS's customer. I have no direct relationship with UPS. Even if I can open a claim, shouldn't the onus be on LV?
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    On the phone with LV again, no Nano Speedies anywhere in Canada so either it did accidentally get delivered to a store and got sold, or it never got delivered to a store.

    Once again, I'm being told it's stuck in customs, and that she'll put in a request with "Order Management" to file a claim with UPS... :hrmm:

    Edit: Called UPS, they say that they see notes on the tracking that they'd looked into it since I called last Thursday and the lady I talked to said she contacted the dispatch and determined the package was never picked up from LV's warehouse. No claim/investigation has been opened by LV yet and they have tried to call LV about this with no response.

    Currently on the phone with another LV CS rep Victoria (I'm making sure to remember her name because if this gets sorted I'm writing her a thank you card) who commented on how she doesn't want to keep telling me she'll put information down on my file because I've already called so many times with no response. She is trying to get a hold of someone from Order Management to get UPS on the line right away, or put me through to Order Management so I can speak to them directly. I'm on hold. Fingers crossed.

    Edit 2: I'm being put on hold while a manager is getting on the line to talk to me, finally!

    Edit 3: The manager was actually debriefed while I was on hold and will be calling UPS right now. I'm still on hold. At least I finally got some action from LV!

    Edit 4: I got an update from the CS rep. There are currently 2 managers on the phone with UPS, one of them very experienced with Canadian orders and she told me that my package *seemed* to have cleared customs but it was actually passed on to another sort of courier/Canadian shipping company called...Amtron (??) and they don't know why they did that. So they're going to see whether this Amtron company will deliver or if it has to go back to LV and then they'll deliver it. More to come, I just got put back on hold because they're still talking to UPS.
  5. OK, last update for tonight: I actually got one of the managers' extension, the CS rep said he will be following up with another manager tomorrow morning, and call me back with an update. If I don't hear anything back, then I am welcome to call him by mid-day.

    There's still no guarantee (I guess) this Armitron/Amitron company (it's actually the brokerage/company that delivers in Canada after UPS hands it off at the border? This is very confusing to me) has my package however if anyone knows where it is, it should be them.
    I'm hoping that maybe my package is missing paperwork and truly stuck at customs, or someone will realize it's sitting in a dark corner somewhere in a warehouse.
  6. Wth?!?! What a nightmare. I don't think I'm going to stalk the nano speedy anymore! I hope you get your item and it's in perfect condition!
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  7. Yeah, it's been kind of a nightmare :sad: I was so glad to finally get to someone who was willing to help me besides jotting down a few notes on my file.
    I hope so too...thank you :heart:
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  8. So is this the first time you did ship to store? So crazy, as a buyer I'd think that would be the safer, less stressful option. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!
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  9. Yeah, my order in March was shipped to my house and redirected to my neighbour’s house (couldn’t do this time because they are out of town) and it arrived no issues. I don’t know if the ship to store caused the issue or if it’s just a fluke my package was lost! Or maybe mislabeled? No idea.
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    Oh... my...goodness!!! I can't believe this is happening. I'll remain cautiously optimistic until I receive the bag in my hands.

    I just received a call back from the Team Manager that the CS rep referred to yesterday.

    Long story short - they still can't figure out where my package went. UPS claims LV never sent it out (I received an email from UPS this morning and I forwarded it to the LV Manager) but LV had confirmation that UPS did in fact picked it up. The Manager told me that this wait is excessive and somehow my issue went up the ranks (I sent them many, many emails, of course there were many, many phone calls on file and I wonder if my Paypal dispute helped) and they will be sending me a REPLACEMENT!!!

    I don't know how, but apparently my Nano Speedy can be replaced just like that. I won't question it. I'm currently waiting for a tracking number and it should arrive on TUESDAY!! :biggrin:
    Again though, cautiously optimistic. The possibility of UPS magically not having thing in their possession is very real.

    Edit: A Nano Speedy was just available on the site, so I wonder if they just got a new shipment in so can actually send me a replacement.
  11. I got the tracking number from the Manager and I think it’s going to make it this time...!!!

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  12. Congrats, I can’t imagine how frustrating this whole thing has been. How nice that you were able to get a replacement.
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  13. Fingers crossed you get it tomorrow! Definitely post pics. :tup:
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  14. Thanks, I'm hopeful! Will do!
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  15. FBF52138-F885-4311-A1D8-C8B4DA904E60.jpeg 4F646FFB-B0C0-4F09-B4FC-D62D2D8581AB.jpeg

    Finally - 3 weeks after I’d placed the order I finally picked up my Nano Speedy!!

    Thank you all for reading my thread and being supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

    For anyone dealing with something similar, all I can recommend is be persistent with LV and call until you get a CS rep who is willing to bring your case to a manager, or actually request to be transferred to the Team Manager.

    The original tracking number still shows the package is stuck in customs but it certainly hasn’t gotten anywhere since May 2. Don’t be stuck between UPS and LV... get LV to make it right!

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