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Follow me as I track down my missing Nano Speedy

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm just about to go crazy, so I am hoping that by posting here, I can track my progress on tracking down my missing Nano Speedy and have someone to talk to who understands my frustration.

    I had stalked this bag on and off for a few weeks, and on April 30, found the coveted "Place in Cart" button. I rushed to check out, ran into a hiccup with payment (credit card verification window doesn't load properly on my phone so had to hit "back" and pay with Paypal). My order still seemed to go through, and I received an order confirmation about an hour later and the email receipts the following day. Since I'm never home to sign for a package, I opted to have my order sent to the store instead. The status changed from "Order in preparation" to "Sent to Store" on May 2, with an estimated delivery date of May 6.

    May 6 came and went, I still got no notification my order was available for pickup. Since I got no tracking number online, I called Client Services on May 7 and they gave me a tracking number and for the store to call me back to confirm whether they've gotten my shipment yet. "It's stuck in Customs", online CS told me... the store called back and said "Oh the tracking just updated. UPS came by today already so I don't know if they'll be back today, but probably tomorrow!"

    This tracking is extremely unusual. I've been buying online and receiving packages for 13+ years, and never have I seen tracking with no location (besides "United States") listed. I decided to wait and see. When May 8 rolled around and my store never sent me a pickup confirmation, I called online CS back. She said the tracking still shows it's stuck in customs and that I was "a victim" of the in-store CA entering an incorrect tracking number. On Friday May 10, I dropped by the store to see if they maybe received my package, but forgot to call. Nope.

    One night, I was entering my tracking number and accidentally swapped two numbers at the end of my tracking number. I got excited when I saw it was Delivered...until I realized it was to a different city. Then I realized I'd swapped the last two digits and the tracking number wasn't mine. The tracking number was nearly identical to mine and had similar reference numbers. I decided to try other tracking numbers - I understand LV probably mass ships orders, so perhaps their tracking numbers are very close - I was right. Check this out, I found another shipment that was delivered to the SAME CITY as me. It was delivered May 3. I found a bunch of other shipments (21 of them in total) with similar reference numbers: the first one is exactly the same, second one is nearly the same (last character is different for each tracking) and third one is the order reference number. They all have the SAME highlighted yellow events as what shows on my tracking. All of these shipments were delivered somewhere in Canada. The difference? They all have physical locations, and my shipment doesn't.

    Of course, whenever I get a new person in Client Services, all they tell me is "your order is stuck in Customs". Umm I would believe that if there were physical scans on my item. But there aren't. Also, the package has a weight of 2.60 lbs and my nano Noe that I'd ordered in March had a shipping weight of 2.50 lbs, so I think there was a package for me, but somehow it got lost. Or missed the shipment. Or something.

    When I called UPS last Thusrday to see if they could tell me anything different, they said the tracking looks odd and I should open an investigation with the shipper. I did and called LV right after I got off the phone with UPS and asked them to open a claim with UPS. The frustrating thing is, Client Services told me on Thursday they'd start an investigation with UPS, but according to UPS today, no investigation had been started.

    Over the weekend, I sent LV a message over Twitter and email (with the tracking numbers I found, and to ask them to forward my concern to the shipping department) and they responded that they can't disclose information about their staff, and that I should call or write them snail mail :hrmm: I messaged UPS as well and they said I have to contact the shipper.

    I called LV CS again today, and I got another lady that told me that they have a note for the Order Management department to call UPS, and that she sees I called yesterday (I didn't) but there's no update and there's no other information they can provide me at this time. UPS tells me there's no investigation opened on file. I'm getting conflicting information from UPS and LV.

    Basically, I'm frustrated because:
    1) Clearly my order did not physically go anywhere based on tracking. All 21 tracking numbers I found were delivered May 2-4, all were in Canada, some are far more west than where I am (hence they would've been delivered later due to the longer distance from NJ), some are in cities close to me.
    2) LV can't just send me another Nano Speedy or at least commit to replacing my Nano Speedy if they can't find my shipment - it's always OOS so if I want to take matter in my own hands, I have to continue stalking.
    3) This investigation is on LV's time, and I was told last week that once UPS completes their investigation (which UPS has confirmed today there is no active investigation) which could take up to 14 business days, I will be refunded my money. So, if LV takes their sweet time, I could be out of my money until end of May.
    4) No one can tell me why my shipment never made it on the UPS truck.
    5) My order status still says "Sent to Store"

    Sorry for the long post. I should be patient, but I can't be - if I knew something was coming and it was just taking longer to ship/truly stuck in customs/backordered, I would be able to wait. But I know it's not stuck in customs like everyone is telling me. Something is wrong with my order but no one can help me or tell me what. There seemed to be a shipment prepared but it never made it to me. Every time I call, CS just brushes me off and today the lady said "you're not alone in this". Easy to say, but clearly no one really cares to follow up on my shipment....
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  2. Man, this sucks!!!! I’m really sorry.

    Yeah, something went terribly wrong with your package. I see that the other tracking numbers you tried all do have locations listed. But yours doesn’t.

    LV needs to open the investigation with UPS. Keep calling and badgering LV. At this point I’d take a refund and just stalk it again, even though that sucks to do I know.

    Hope you get a resolution soon!
  3. Thanks - I'm quite frustrated with LV, even if they opened a claim with UPS today which could take up to 14 business days, I'll be paying a credit card bill for something I don't have on hand.
    I paid by Paypal and I'm considering opening a dispute so that when the 20 days to resolve a dispute is up and I can file a claim with Paypal to get my money back, so that if I ever get refunded from LV, I won't end up having a -$1,300 balance on my credit card when it could just be 0!

    I'm not hopeful LV will be particularly helpful. Currently on the phone with another agent for the second day in a row and getting the same "it's stuck in customs" and "I'll go get our Order Manager" spiel.
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  4. Was told that Order Management has to talk to UPS first. They’ve been telling me that since last week yet no action has been taken. I’ve given them a deadline to call me back by end of day tomorrow, if I don’t hear back I’m going to dispute the charge on PayPal.
  5. Awww.. that's really sucks. Hope a resolution comes soon.
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  6. Dispute opened with PayPal, wrote Client Services an email asking to be put in touch with a supervisor and if I don’t receive a call back today like I requested, I am going to snail mail (but not really, going to use the fastest method that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) a bunch of letters and address them to VP Operations, Warehouse/fulfillment manager, etc. Seems overkill but my job also has a CS component and certainly it can get some attention.
  7. Maybe try getting help from the manager at the store. When I have done pick up in store before and got the notification I was assured the package was actually at the store. It was not a fluke notification. I'm wondering if they just misplaced it when they got their shipment.
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  8. I visited the store already and have been in touch with 2 different SA’s who’ve checked 3 shipments for me now. If they got my package the tracking should still have updated. It’s a nano speedy and those things get their attention (as it’s so rare). Thanks for your suggestion though :smile:
  9. Honestly I would call the Canada shops to be sure it’s not there.
    Ups is usual to create a mess and I had the same note in LV saying that they contacted UPS and UPS side saying no one ever called.
    I went there, shouted at UPS for not delivering the item to the address I mentioned (not that it hurt them but was good for my nerves) and picked up the parcel myself.
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  10. If they scanned my order in a store shipment (CS says it would have my information on it) then I’d imagine the store would tell me or get in touch. Otherwise if it was part of the regular shipment I’m fairly certain they would’ve just sold my bag.
  11. Thought of another issue: I can’t talk to the store directly. I always get forwarded to General CS.
  12. Did you order the bag from the US or Canadian site? Why is it coming to you from the US?
  13. All orders in Canada come from the warehouse in US
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  14. Interesting. I am on the hunt for the nano speedy and I've seen a couple people get it from the Canadian site. So weird it doesn't come up on the US site.

    I'm following your story and sending you good vibes for a positive outcome. :smile: I know getting a refund is not what you want, because I wouldn't want it either. They need to get you your bag!
  15. Thank you, I think there are a couple of posters from the US that commented they saw it on the US site as well recently. Over the weekend Sat/Sun I recall seeing the posts. They've popped up quite a few times since April 30.

    No call back from LV today even though I asked them explicitly to call me back by end of business day... I guess they have a few hours still, but I'm glad I opened a dispute. Now just hoping it WILL in fact magically show up, somehow.
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