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First Saint Laurent purchase question

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  1. HI everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic. Since we have been home for so long whats better than to shop for luxury items??

    I have a question.. I am interested in purchasing a Saint Laurent Lou Quilted Lou Camera Bag. I have been looking at various sites like FarFetch, My Theresa, and Matchesfashion.. I have noticed something and I am hoping that you can clarify for me.

    Some of the bags have a "fob" with a metal plate next to the tassel.. Some do not.. I am not sure if one is an older version ... Obviously if I am paying some much money I would like the newest version and I cant seem to get a consistent answer from YSL directly or the above named sites...

    I really want the pale grey color but the guy I spoke with at YSL said he has never seen one in that color but the other sites do have it for sale.. I dont know what to believe... I do know that those sites are authorized sellers so maybe the grey color was only made available to them?? The other color I am looking at is the off white color but I am afraid that it will be more likely to get color transfer and dirty whereas the pale grey would not..

    This would be my first YSL purchase .. I usually buy LV but lately their quality has gone downhill o I am venturing out to a new designer..

    Any input you can give me regarding the absence or presence of the fob and a suggestion as to what color to go with would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, you've posted on the Balenciaga forum, you might want to try here...
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