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First LV bag reveal!

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  1. This is my very first LV bag! I’ve been waiting to get this bag for so long. I decided that on my first trip to California I would buy it and now she’s mine! It made it even more special because now it’s like a keepsake of my very first trip to California & she’s perfect! I actually went to the LV store 3 times when I was there. The first 2 times I looked at the bag and thought... I’m crazy to buy a bag for this much... so I walked out, both times. But I just couldn’t shake my mind off of it. I had been planning to get this bag for so long and put away extra money just for this. Then finally, on the second to last day of the vacation and my third and finally trip to the LV store I finally pulled the trigger! I got her at the Beverly Center in LA and I think the CA I spoke to had a lot to do with why I got it that third and finally time. He was very nice, wasn’t pushy at all, let me look at the bag by myself and in peace which I liked. I thought I was going to be nervous handing over my card for a purchase that big lol (I have never spent that much before) and honestly I felt so calm, like it just felt right! My boyfriend was there all smiley telling me how happy I looked :biggrin:. I had a great experience! And now... here she is!!!

  2. Congrats!!!! Great choice! Enjoy!
  3. Congrats!!
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  4. Love DE! Congrats!
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  5. Congrats!
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  6. Beautiful speedy! Congratulations!
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  7. perfect first bag! congrats!
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  8. Great choice! Such a fun and versatile bag.
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  9. great choice for your first LV - congrats!!
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  10. Congratulations! I bought my first LV a couple of months ago. It was a speedy as well.

    I already got another one, lol.
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  11. Looks great on you! Classic bag. What I love most about it is how durable it is, and carries a ton. The addiction now starts. HAHA
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  12. Its true. The addiction now starts! Great weather proof bag! Enjoy it girl.
  13. A beautiful, classic bag. Congratulations :yahoo:
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  14. Congrats! Love it
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