First Birkin 25: Gold or Rose Sakura ???

First Birkin 25

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Oct 5, 2020
Hi everyone, I’ve recently been building up my profile at H with items I’ve wanted for quite awhile and am now able to give my wish list to my SA. I’ve been contemplating between a gold on gold b25 vs a rose Sakura b25, especially because rose Sakura is a seasonal colour that is hard to come by and I really like pink. Furthermore, if I miss out getting it this season / year, I might not be able to get a bag in this colour for the next few years. However, for my first bag, I was thinking of getting a classic neutral colour that will be used frequently and can match everything. Especially since all my Jewelry are rose gold / gold, GHW is preferred but for Hermes pinks recently, they don’t seem to come in GHW, only PHW. for all these reasons stated, I’m so conflicted and cannot make my decision. For reference, I’m 5’4 (163cm) and around 40kg. I’m 22 years old living in Asia. Would appreciate some opinions, thank you and have a nice day everyone!!


Jan 20, 2008
I recommend putting on both the gold and the rose Sakura on your wishlist for your SA. Rose Sakura B is very rare and very much in demand so you may have better chances of getting the gold b first. For bags that are rare and in demand, they tend to offer them to their well established clients first. If you happen to get offered the Sakura B, you should take it as a gold B will always come along and much easier to find later.


Dec 27, 2009
I agree with all of the above. RS is going to be a little more difficult to get than gold and will likely be offered to more established clients. Also, I tend to think that building your "neutral" H bag wardrobe and then adding fun party colours is the way to go. Just how I looked at curating my bag collection.



Nov 23, 2020
Yes, put them both on your wish list.
If you are offered RS first and you have doubts, because the colour is to strong
or not useful enough, explain that to your SA and politely decline.
Worthwile SAs understand that customers rarely have the opportunity to see in the flesh and try out
bags and colours before they request them. Sometimes in reality a combination does not work for you.
An upfront, honest response is likely to see the bag that you really want be offered sooner than you might expect.
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