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Ferragamo Reverse Hobo

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  1. Does anyone here own this bag or has anyone seen it IRL? I am attracted to the look of it but wondering about weight (heavy?) and how soft the leather is (i.e. do contents show bulges, corners, etc.). It's on the large side, so these things could be significant in terms of how this bag is to carry.

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  2. I just purchased this in the taupe color (?carraway seed?). SUPER lightweight and comfortable and holds a lot. Very nice as a crossbody bc it melds into your body. Seems very weather resistant. I think it is going to make a great durable everyday bag or travel bag. I don’t own any Ferragamo bc most of these bags seem to be v structured, which isn’t my style. This bag, however, is very unstructured, which I love. Let me know if you’d like pics....
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  3. I'm not the OP, but I would like pics! :yes: Also maybe a what fits picture? Also, I looked up the color and Caraway seed seems like a super pretty latte color. It has a definite pink undertone, right?

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  5. Pics in indoor (bad!) lighting, natural early am lighting, and an inside shot. Fits a ton w room to spare and is still light weight. Have a LV zippy wallet, mini pouchette, large sunglasses case, readers, coin pouch, card case, hair brush, keys, phone. Fits an IPad w large over as well...no prob. I’m 5’10” about 140lbs and it doesn’t look that big at all. Great, understated, quality bag IMO.
  6. Thanks for all the pictures! Never had any bags by Ferragamo, but they definitely caught my attention recently. The scarf looks really nice with the bag, by the way!
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  7. I’ve been tempted by this bag but haven’t had the opportunity to try it on. So happy to hear it’s lightweight. I’ve been looking at it as an alternative to the Hermès Evelyne. I like the utility of the big feedbag and this one has a more refined style plus a great closure. The caraway color looks beautiful! The only thing is, I’m 5 foot three and I fear it will overwhelm me. Yet I see lots of women of all sizes with the Evelyne and they pull it off. I’d love to make my way to a shop where I can try it on. Thanks so much for your pictures. They help a lot.
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  8. Yes! I agree! Totally reminiscent of the Evelyn GM, which I own in the Etoupe color....and LOVE. BUT, I sometimes feel a little self conscious wearing this bag bc of the price. And I’m honestly afraid to wear it bc I don’t want to ruin it. The Ferragamo is still an expensive bag but a third of the price. It also does not stand out as a flashy, designer bag, which I like. It still feels very luxurious yet sturdy. It is a big bag, but I don’t think it looks big. I totally think anyone...no matter the height...could pull this bag off. It’s smooshy and looks smaller once full of your things. Highly recommend it for you!
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  9. I will try to post mod shots once I’m more presentable....
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  10. Would love pics! Please... :flowers:
  11. Thank you for the pics! You have a beautiful bag! :loveeyes:
  12. Thanks for sharing