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Fashionphile ,Yoogis

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  1. Secondhand bag getting a good quote = count your lucky stars.

  2. I didn't know you can sell those items. Thanks for the info.
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  3. I was about to purchase something on Fashionphile today and when checking out they were charging tax! If you hit the little button it states that they can now charge tax due to the Federal laws changing. I knew that LV had started doing this for my state in March and now Fashionphile. Maybe they will adjust some of the really hefty mark up prices taking the tax being added into consideration. Not paying tax was always a BIG plus for me which helped justify paying a little more for something preloved verse new from LV! :crybaby:
  4. Agree! You don't really save money now and in a lot of case pay more than retail. Sad.
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  5. I never purchased anything from Fashionphile because of sales tax. I'm in CA and so is Fashionphile. I have purchased a couple of items from yoogi's closet and no sales tax since yoogi's closet is in WA. They sent email that starting June 1, sales tax will be added. I started to purchase vintage items from Japanese sellers on eBay instead. So far no sales tax yet from eBay.
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  6. Ugh same thing happened to me today, I was so excited a pochette Métis I’ve been watching went on sale and when I went to check out it was nearly $200 dollars tax,I was so puzzled and disappointed as I’ve purchased several items with them tax free
  7. I just purchased a bag from a Japanese reseller this weekend and ebay would have charged me >$200 tax to ship to my state. So I ended up shipping to my parents' house instead. It looks like they are rolling out sales tax on a state by state basis.
  8. I believe every online sellers will eventually add on sales tax.
  9. In my opinion and experience Ebay is great ! But you can find both. Fakes and reals. So you need to check. ; )
  10. Despite the NF GM being available for purchase online, Maybe the NF for sale at FP was made in France. There are many people who prefer MIF bags and are more than willing to pay a premium for that one little detail. It’s all about supply and demand and perceived value
  11. To Canadians: Due to the exchange rate and duties/taxes, is it worth shopping at Fashionphile or Yoogis Closet?
  12. Say, I know many have had good experiences with Fashionphile. I have sold them a few items and it has been easy - although I lost a little money. I keep picking out items I may be interested in but hesitant...the personal shoppers have been great pulling the item and sending more detailed pictures. However, there was one LV bag I keep lusting after and the initial extra pictures I was sent looked great. I asked for more of hardware - and a couple make it look like the hardware was chipped. (no mention in listing and listed as Excellent condition) I emailed the personal shopper the one particular picture back to ask specifically but haven't received a response yet. I guess I am wondering if they missed something like that is it uncommon? I thought they were extra tough on listings. Also wondering if more issues if they would adjust the price. Thoughts? Thanks!
  13. In my experience, Fashionphile is very accurate in their description of the items, which is something not true with TRR for example. And if you have an issue, you can always send the item back.
  14. Thanks so much! I know - the 30 day return eases my mind but still. The personal shopper responded and said it a reflection of the camera. Guess I just have to decide if I want to take a chance.
  15. Wondering if anyone took advantage of the 24 hour flash sale on FP???