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Fashionphile ,Yoogis

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  1. Willing buyer/willing seller. The beauty of an open economy. To each his/her own.
  2. Well said! Just like the quote: "Not my circus, not my monkey"...we can say "Not my money, not my business." If FP prices are too high for an item in anyone's opinion, then don't buy from them but don't call people who do shop from them "dumb". Not nice and no one knows their reasons. Many people feel the same about those who go the retailers and drop thousands for a brand new item that in reality is not necessary for their lives. But you know what? Same principle applies..."Not my money, not my business."
  3. I didn’t call people who shop at FP dumb. I said anyone who would pay more than retail for a used item is dumb. Sticking to that opinion.
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  4. Semantics...dumb for shopping at fashionphile vs. dumb for paying over retail at fashionphile. I respect your opinion and get where you're coming from but I stand by my opinion as well. No need to call anyone dumb whatever the reason, however, we can agree to disagree on your choice of words.
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  5. I think it’s because some people don’t really know what the actual price is. They don’t do the research. They see commercials for TheRealReal and don’t want to pay retail. Just a guess because an educated shopper never would
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  6. Ignorance!
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  7. Hi all,

    I currently have a marignan in sesame in like new condition that I want to sell because it's too big for my frame. I received a quote from Fashionphile for $1500 and I had purchased this bag pre-loved for $1999. Is a $499 loss acceptable, or should I wait until the quote expires so I can resubmit? This bag comes with dust bag, box, strap, and still has some plastic on the hardware because it's in such excellent condition. I have never sold a bag before, so I'm not sure what is fair.
  8. Sounds like a fair quote. You will always take a hit when you use services offered by companies such as Fashionphile or Yoogi’s.

    Have you submitted to Yoogi’s as well? They sometimes offer more money than FP.
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  9. I think it sounds good especially if only losing 500. If you had bought it new and then sold it, it would hurt a lot more
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  10. Seems really fair for fashionphile. I tried once and they offered 50% of retail which seems standard for them. It was better for me to sell on eBay and make more. With yours you may make a tad bit more on eBay but probably not worth the hassle.
  11. I forgot about Yoogi's Closet until you mentioned it. Just submitted for a quote just now, so hopefully I get something a little more. If not, I'll sell to Fashionphile since a few ppl have said I received a fair quote.
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  12. Whoa, guess I should be happy that I'm only losing 25% of what I paid! I thought about Ebay, but as you said, it's not worth the hassle.
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  13. I think that is a great and very reasonable quote!
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  14. I spoke with two people from Fashionphile and they said that inclusions, other than straps that should come with the bag, do not influence the offer price so I keep items like the box, dust bag, receipt holder, etc. and sell them on other resale sites like Poshmark. It helps to offset the loss.
  15. I was also told this. I never ship items with “extras” now.
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