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Dye project in progress!

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  1. Thank you for posting your project. I am thinking of dying my city from beige to black. But too afraid to do it myself. But your bag looks good even at this point. Great job!!!!

  2. Is it possible that they dyed it with an acrylic dye rather than oil based? The peeling is something that would be more likely to happen when an acrylic is applied over a bag that was treated with a leather conditioner that contained silicone. It it's an acrylic dye you could try removing it with a leather preparer. I would find an inconspicuous spot and dab a little with a cotton swab to see if the dye is being removed with the preparer.
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  3. Wow. Amazing job!
  4. Which leather repair kit did you use to fix the loose cracked leather on the handles? Besides edge kote?

  5. Not so much a kit, just various products.

    - Leather glue to hold down rogue pieces (forget what brand mine is specifically but I don't have a strong brand pref here)
    - Furniture clinic heavy filler to fill cracks and even out surface (you can sand this stuff w/ super high grits btw)
    - plus dye to match back to black + resolenene to seal

    If you're going to try something similar, less is more on handles b/c of heavy use. Especially when it comes to acrylic products like edge kote (or acrylic "dyes", which are essentially leather paint) and resolene/[insert sealant of your choice here]. Too much will perpetuate an endless cycle of peeling, and that ain't cute. ;)
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  6. Thank you! :smile:
  7. Wow! This is incredible!! Just wow!
  8. Wow i just found this thread and this is amazing..
  9. Great after dye ! Never know that it could be done that wayy
  10. This thread was amazing to read. I came on here to ask for advice on dyeing my sad-looking Velo in Jacynthe into a gorgeous black, but did a quick search first and this popped up... good thing! Fingers crossed mine turns out half as good as yours (but mine is in a bit better shape overall, so I`m optimistic!!)
  11. This is the best thread on repairing. Very informative. How are your bags holding up ladies? Mine is ok. I had just used the Fiebings to make the pink color blue and then Tarrago Self Shine. Hasn't chipped off or anything. I cannot say I have used it a lot but I have and it still looks great.
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  12. I dyed a GGH City. it was cheap and dyed black before, but very bad. I tried my best and wanted to do a before after thread too. but was busy. And since I live in Germany it's not so easy to get all the used products. I did not seal my bag and I think that's the problem. I used Fiebings first and Tarrago after. But I had huge problems with colour transfer. on clothes and my hands :biggrin:
    I never heard of Resolene before or the edge kote. So I think I need to do a Lil online shopping to get those products.
    Amazing thread !
  13. I used Fiebings first and Tarrago self shine dye on my Balenciaga First which was pink and I made it turqoise and have had no color transfer whatsoever on my clothes or my hands. Maybe it has to do with the color?
  14. maybe... or the dye was applied to thick .
    I dont know what I did wrong. Saw the youtube videos years ago where a girl dyed her granny pom pom black.
    i took pics of every step and wanted to open a thread two years ago.... but forgot about it and got mad cuz of the color transfer
    After I read the thread I ordered dye prep, dye,resolene, edge kote and enamel and do the mirror of the PT and my wallet all over again. But with the PT I need to wait after the NYC trip in Dec. Gonna buy the waxed (forgot the word....sorry Im German) ...for the handles at the pacific trim shop, and will fix the handles while I dye it again and finally fix the edges!
  15. I also watched that video with the pom pom before doing mine. I am sure you can fix yours. You might need to use a sealer on top of the dye you have used in order to avoid color transfer.