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Do all Chloe Paddington's have a Hologram or a made-in tag of some kind?

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  1. I have purchased one that doesn't have either. Does this mean it's not authentic? The rest of it checks out to me, but I can't seem to find info about this.
  2. No - most of the original paddingtons wont have one. The design came out in 2005. The hologram came out with the release of newer designs like the Paraty - i just cant remember what year that was (possibly 2008? or 09). The first wave of paraty's might not have had holograms either, might have been the second release. All my paddingtons have no hologram, i have had a total of 5 versions.
    They didnt have 'made in' tags, just the SN tags
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  3. Rhank
    Thank you so much! That’s so helpful.