Discontinued bag wishlist


May 6, 2018
Anyone else have bags they admired sometime before but are no longer sold new? At this point I’m not into buying pre-loved for a super high end bag for fear of fakes so these will remain bags I missed out on:
Celine clasp bag
Celine doctor bag
Celine all soft bag
Chloe Nile regular and bracelet
Christian louboutin Paloma with tan handles and cheetah print
Celine nanos in fun colors and exotic materials (may come back but unlikely since this bag is past its heyday)
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There's risk of fake items secondhand and also just not finding a reasonable condition as far as signs of wear. Obviously when buying secondhand you have to accept knowing you're not the bag's first owner and the scuffs and scratches that come with it. I've purchased a couple wishlist items secondhand that were discontinued - a Chloe Paddington and a Balenciaga City, and even some items that weren't long on my "wishlist" but are discontinued styles like the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag.

Had to sift through a ton of fakes of the Paddington and City - some that were obvious to me and some that needed further authentication on the forum. But also had to sift through a bunch that were just super damaged and beat up or missing parts and accessory items.

I would also love to buy a Balenciaga Twiggy and have run into fakes and super beat up listings secondhand too but willing to wait for the right for or just forgo.


oh hai mark
May 18, 2017
- Chanel Just Mademoiselle Bowler in Black, GHW, non-Metallic and non-Patent leather in the smallest size. I almost bit the bullet on a medium one that was sitting on Fashionphile for a while BUT it was missing the CC charm but I've decided to wait for the ideal one. They have one right now that is white with SHW, and I can't do white.

- Chanel Ligne Cambon Reporter bag in the Small (or mini?) size, Black-on-Black or White-on-Black. This was a bag I salivated over as a 15/16 year old.

Not just bags: but I was obsessed with Dior Glossy1 sunglasses and Fendi Spy bags around the same timeframe, as I wanted a Chanel Cambon Reporter. I found the Glossy1's in a dark, hunter green on Poshmark and the a Black Baby Spy on eBay last year. :yes: Maybe it was sitting at home in the pandemic, or longing to be a young-in' again... but I went a little ham searching up things I wanted in high school but couldn't afford.

I have found I have done really well with Etsy, Poshmark, eBay, and Fashionphile. I've also gone through private sellers. I'll check B&M consignment shops in my city, but I find them (as well as the instagram sellers) to be REALLY overpriced. And the solely-on-Instagram designer consignment sellers really sketch me out for some reason I can't put into words... but I just find a lot of them really don't come off all that professional in their tone.
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