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Dior scarves- any experience on them?

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  1. Hello my TPF friends,

    wondering if anyone here has any experience when it comes to the Dior silk and wool scarves. They have come out with some new designers that are catching my eye. My SA showed me both the 100% silk (90 cm x 90cm) and the much bigger wool/silk one - 70% wool and 30% silk- (140 cm x 140cm)
    Like them both for different reasons:
    Silk one has colors that are quite rich but it’s smaller.

    the wool/silk combo I like the bigger size but the colors don’t seem to pop and it seems a bit more delicate.
    The price is quite diff as well. I’m just wondering about the quality on both pieces.
    hoping someone here can share some light on this.
    My SA says I should go for the wool/silk combo; which is the most expensive one of course!!
    Saying that the bigger one is more versatile...

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  2. Hi anyone up there with input on Dior scarves silk versus wool/silk blend?
    I always hear the LV ones are nice but they tend to snag quite a bit. I have a Gucci bloom one and surprisingly it still looks like new...
  3. I wear the Dior scarves and have not had any issues....they seem well made. And I wear a lot of Hermès and Gucci silk scarves and would place the Dior right there with them to be honest.
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  4. Thank you
    Thanks for the info! Much appreciated