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Dior Reference Library - COMMENTS ONLY

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  1. Can a lady dior with the code 16-BO-0190 on the inside have been made in November 2010?
  2. This means it was made in September, not November.
  3. Thank you so much, that makes sense!
  4. Was the black Dior Granville two tone made with a darker pink leather lining?
  5. There was one version with a light pink lining, none with a dark pink lining.
  6. Thanks for that... I thought so too but figured I would check to see if there was anything different sold in Europe or Asia...
  7. I saw your pictures in the authentication thread. Maybe this was a more rare edition that I haven't seen before, but I need more pictures to authenticate with.
  8. Can someone decipher a date code 18-MA-0154 please?
    I've searched for an explaination on the formats and can't find one, which is a bit strange as there are loads of guides for reading Chanel/Louis Vuitton ones.
    If they are a similiar format to LV is there also an indication where it was made?
  9. The bag was made in May 2014. I don't know if it shows where the bag is made in the code.
  10. Many thanks for your help? What does the 10 signify at the beginning?
    I bought the bag about Sep 2016. Does that mead Dior will have stored it for some time?
  11. I'm not sure what the 10 means, but yes, some bags end up being in storage at a boutique because they were either put on display first and then removed to display newer arrivals, or they were extra stock in the back that has not been displayed on the boutique floor. Sometimes these pieces are "forgotten" by the SAs unless they do a stock search in their system and realize that they have the item in stock.
  12. Many thanks for your help
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  13. [​IMG]
    Can anyone please tell me how this wallet wears? I am looking for a mid size wallet and cannot see them before I purchase. TIA
    (Specifically the red one)

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  14. As a metallic, the corners/edges are prone to having the colour come off due to rubbing (it will show a silver colour inside). As long as you avoid rubbing the wallet, then it should be fine.