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Dior J'ADIOR and Dio(r)evolution (pictures only)

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  2. #17 Oct 18, 2017
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    IMG_3694.jpeg IMG_3787.jpeg IMG_3695.jpeg IMG_3788.jpeg
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    J'ADIOR in smooth calfskin IMG_1522736944.256310.gif IMG_1522736999.026185.gif IMG_1522737028.881548.gif IMG_1522737057.565965.gif
  4. Double trouble

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    Dio(r)evolution with ultra-black hardware
    Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 9.50.13 AM.gif
    55129817867__9F9B5AB8-877E-422C-BA82-4EAA1BE53327.gif 55129819449__5B2CCC6A-94F3-4308-ACC0-3150D9192574.gif 55129631733__F4079D84-BF35-4393-BB62-7121EA0B0864.gif 55129633233__B1F4C858-4179-4304-BEF4-986F73187F5A.gif
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    J'ADIOR with red embroidery

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    Glossy calfskin J'Adior bag

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  8. More additions...

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