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Desperately searching for a Mulberry?????

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  1. I live in the USA and would love to find this! Has anyone seen one anywhere?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Does the website ship to the U.S.???
  3. There was also a Large one on eBay.
  4. Hello girls, I'm desperately looking for the bayswater in stone. I've emailed and called mulberry but the bag has sold out everywhere. I'm so disappointed. I was also told the bag had gone on sale on the site but I must have missed it although I'd checked it every day.

    I'm too much in love with it and just can't let go.

    Mulberry Amsterdam, where I live, still has it but EUR 895.00 is just too much for me at the moment especially considering the current exchange rate.

    Can anyone help me find one for a reasonable price.

    I'd be forever grateful, thank you so much ladies!
  5. Anyone? :confused1:

  6. Sorry, not seen one. I would imagine it's a very popular colour but keep looking and good luck with the hunt. :smile:
  7. Hi Olga

    I hate to see posts go unanswered, but I really don't know how to help you right now. I've never actually seen one of these IRL, and am definitely not aware of any deals around. My only suggestion would be to stalk ebay, in the hope that maybe someone who bought one in the sale has had a change of heart.

    If you find one, be sure to post it on the 'authenticate' thread so that our clever girls here can check it out for you. Good luck!

    ETA, Tote Girl, you beat me to it!
  8. Bayswater in stone sounds devine. Really hope you score one for a great deal :smile:
  9. Good luck with the hunt, I bet its gorgeous in that colour :tup:
  10. Thanks ladies.

    kat4 .. not sure if that's the one, it says black but thank you so much for looking.

    Will keep you posted, really need to find one. Why did I wait for it to sell out :crybaby:
  11. Any luck? The one in the Bloomies link is definitely the Stone in the pic, though I see it says black so that is confusing! I had that bag about a month or two ago but returned it to get a Mabel. I got mine from the Melrose store in Los Angeles, full price. Do you have someone who can buy for you in the US? LA or NY might still have one. Gorgeous bag, and I love the shiny silver hardware. FYI that it's a lined bag, lined with some type of plain black nylon material, so no yummy suede on the inside. And no interior hanging pockets either.

  12. Thank you for your reply. Is it really the stone one? I will give them a call.
    Why did you return it? Did you get the Mabel in stone?

    Not too happy to hear that there ar no interior hanging pockets, but it's such a gorgeous bag. I know some people who will be holidaying very soon in the US. Will ask one of them.

    Thank you so much ladies!! :tup: