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Crossbody/Camera Bag Choices

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  1. I currently own a black Gucci Disco which I use pretty much every weekend. Now that spring/summer is around the corner I want to find a nude bag to wear.

    I’m between getting the disco again or maybe the YSL toy LouLou. Which would you recommend? Any other suggestions besides these two?
  2. I have the YSL Toy Loulou, the YSL mini lou, and the YSL lou camera bag. I *think* out of the three, the camera bag fits the most. The toy loulou does come with card slots so you don't need a card holder if you want to save space. I would say don't get the toy loulou if you want it to hold as much as your gucci disco. BUT I do highly recommend it because I love that you can remove the strap on the toy and use it as a clutch or more formal bag. For a formal bag, it does hold a lot :smile: I hope that makes sense!
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  3. YSL Lou for looks and variety in your collection. Gucci Soho for quality.
  4. I suggest the Maison Margiela camera bag.

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  5. The YSL camera bag over the toy lou
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  6. Is the reason because it holds more? I feel like it looks too similar to the gucci soho.
  7. It does hold more. They look similar because they are both camera bag styles, the toy isn't a camera bag. The disco/ysl camera are very different in person. Different leathers, different wear/tear, different interior, different opening (pulling on the tassel v a zipper). I've had both - sold the disco and kept the ysl camera.
  8. These are adorable.
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