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Chanel vintage screws - where to find

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  1. Hi!

    I’ve recently purchased a beautiful vintage quilted matelassê square backpack dated 3 series -pics available if anyone is curious :smile:, however one of the screws behind the CC logo was missing and needs to be replaced.

    I brought this to multiple local Chanel boutiques however I’ve been told that since this bag is vintage (from 1990s), they don’t have this type of screw ready in stock and will need to send to Paris with a waiting time of 7 MONTHS

    Is it true that the screws are different (i.e. sizing) for vintage and modern bags? Also would any online shop sell this type of vintage screws that I can just buy? I’m based in Asia and would not be able to visit some of the commonly mentioned bag repair shops.

    Thanks so much for your inputs!
  2. I think the only way you can avoid the 7 months is maybe buy a totally ruined bag just for the screws?
  3. Ah that’s actually great advice, thanks so much! The only thing I’m afraid of is that for each batch/model the screw size will be different so then even if I bought another bag it still won’t be able to fit. I haven’t found any info on whether vintage/modern screws are different either.

    But I went to a shoe repair shop today and they somehow managed to find a normal screw that at least fits so for now my bag is safe, just not complete