Chanel RTW ~ Reveals, Chit-chat & Info thread

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Dec 20, 2008
Blissful in Cali
These two were the source of my confusion. The top one is @911snowball jacket and the one I would prefer I did see the white leather shown in the fashion show, but the idea of white leather is a bit scary.

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It is confusing! The one above that I posted is tweed with braided trim from last season. Then there’s two more white ones from cruise, one is leather and the other is waffle knit (that I also posted a pic of along with this tweed one). So there’s three white jackets available all with similar styles but different fabric.
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Jun 13, 2015
SoCal and Andalucía
December sale is proceeding at my NM also. Sounds like there will be a bit of a mix of seasons due to covid inventory issues. My store confirmed it will be Egypt but will also be mixing in the beach collection again and some others. So there may be the possibility of scoring some unexpected items. I think there will be a bit of relaxing of the rules this sale, at least this was the hint I was getting from my SA. They are expecting shipments of merch closer to sale time- she has absolutely no idea what they will get. Unfortunately, I checked on the teal and/or cream jackets from Egypt and she said def not those. Darn!
My SA at my local NM said she has no info on sale as of now. Does it depend upon the NM? :confused1:
Sep 19, 2009
Hi ladies, I have been lurking but I love everyone’s mod shots and try ons! I have to say, nothing in this cruise collection is grabbing me. I’m waiting for sale.
My Saks which has gone lease no longer has sales. They send all the inventory to the main boutique and they hold the sale. I am on the pre-sale list but still waiting to get the list of items!
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May 18, 2018
Cruise comes first and then it's printemp/spring summer act 1 aka 21P. Shows up around January. Technically it's still 21SS. Just the first part of it.

But wow there's literally nothing I want to get from 21P from what I'm seeing here... Tragic...
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