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Chanel reissue mini red

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  1. I have spent last few years hunting for a Chanel mini in the shade of red I like. I finally gave up. I wanted the same shade of red as the Gucci marmont (hisbiscus). I ordered the reissue mini in red without seeing it. I was not disappointed. It is a beautiful red . I decided to post this as I scoured over posts in Chanel red and really appreciated those who took time to photo the different shades of Chanel red that they have in their collection. I m posting this in hopes that someone will find this helpful in their decision about whether to get the reissue mini in red (19A) or not. Have fun shopping ! Cheers !

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  2. It’s a beauty- congratulations!
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  3. I agree! I got the exact same mini reissue as you after scouring forever. You captured the red perfectly; some pics I saw made it look like it may have oh-so-slight brick undertones but it really is a pure red like your photo. :smile: Enjoy her!
  4. So pretty congrats!!!
  5. Hi! The red is beautiful! I was hoping you could help me decide on whether to get the black reissue or the red issue. I just bought my first Chanel bag (a small vintage square) and I’m looking for my first new Chanel bag and will definitely buy the reissue. I’m really drawn to the red a lot because it looks less distressed than many of the black ones (different treatment process I guess). But I’m not typically a red person so I was surprised to like it. I did like that it was different and less common. Is it not smart to get a bold color as first real purchase? Will both colors get super distressed looking anyway? Thank you for your opinions!
  6. Beautiful red reissue!!!
  7. Hi there,

    If you don’t like the distressed look but kinda hesitate on red color, you can consider the mini reissue 19k. The black one with matte gold hardware has a totally different look than the 19a. You can see my picture posted below.
    I was in hesitation with 19a with its too aged leather and shiny ghw but the 19k did solve all the problem for me :smile:

    I hope it helps.

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  8. Thank you for the photo that is so helpful. And what a beautiful bag, congrats! Does 19k mean just this mini size? I was looking at a larger one. Is “19a” a designation of size or time? Thank you!
  9. Good question! The "19" indicates it's from the 2019 collection. And the letter after it indicates which season from that year the bag is from.

    I pulled this from another thread, but this is what the letters/seasons refer to:

    C = Cruise; usually deliver Nov - Jan (R+year)
    P = Printemp; spring/summer act 1; usually deliver Jan to Mar (S+year)
    S = Summer; spring/summer act 2; usually deliver Mar to Jun (SR+year)
    A = Autumn; pre-fall; usually deliver May to Sep (PF+year)
    B = fall/winter act 1; Jun to Oct (F+year)
    K = fall/winter act 2; Aug to Nov (FR+year)

    So, I believe 19k would mean that it is a very recent bag from the season right before the collection that was just released (cruise).

    I hope that helps! :smile:
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  10. That helps, thank you so much for taking the time to help me get up to speed on this. Does your SA tell you whether it’s a 19k or not? Or do you just have to wait and see what the tag says when it arrives? Thanks again!
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure! I bet you could ask them which season it's from and they should definitely know (or can check the tag for you). But yes, it will say on the tag when you receive it.
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