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Chanel combat boots

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  1. I'm looking to get my first pair of Chanel combat boots and wanted to get feedback from the pros. I love the style. Can anyone comment on care and longevity? Also, do they ever go on sale? Thanks! Screenshot_20190719-192217.png
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  2. I got mine full price. I love how it looks and it works with most of my outfits. I think its easy to maintain and mine didn't get any scratches after last winter.
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  3. I take mine to a shoe cobbler to get them treated so water doesn’t damage them whenever I go on a big trip with them. They look great and I always get compliments

    Never seen this style on sale
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    I bought last winters quilted leather combat boots and they didn’t need any break in period. This season’s boot seems a little shinier and stiffer than last year’s. I wore mine in the rain and they were fine, I didn’t put any type of protectant either. I may be wrong, but I think the suede ones might have gone on sale. I wouldn’t chance it and wait for sale if you have a more common size though.

    If you can, try them on. You’ll know if you find them comfortable or not. I tried mine last year on a whim because my size was actually available and I was a goner once I put them on lol