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  1. I'm trying to find the medium (the larger) size, however. My Barney's and Nordstom SAs found just one, though I'm checking with my Sak's SA today. Do you know if they're continuing the larger size? I find some of their more common styles so gauche and Kardashian-y, but the ring is just exquisite.
  2. I saw two different color ways last week at the department store in Amsterdam. They were lovely but not for me. I think I'd prefer solid smooth leather in this style. ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1448191597.610427.gif ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1448191565.594966.gif
  3. is that the small size? agreed with you much prefer the solid color though I'm ok with either grained or smooth leather. for some reason tricolor doesn't translate well with the Ring as it does with the Luggage series. overall the bag looks great on you!

  4. Love your bag. It's gorgeous. Is it a small size?
  5. It is the Medium I think..:blush:
    Definitely not the smallest model.
  6. Love it; best of luck with it!

    I just bought a navy and souris--also mediums--to add to my existing navy ring. I think they are the absolute chicest shape, plus they fit my laptop, etc.

    In the States, finding medium ones has gotten really tough! The small is adorable and lovely, but less functional for me.
  7. Oh my J@k, you're on a Celine roll :biggrin: Navy and souris sounds absolutely gorgeous!
  8. I'm late to this party but so glad to know it's staying around. It's such a classic style.
  9. Does anyone have any idea about what fits into a small? More specifically, I'm wondering if a Macbook Air 11 would fit..
  10. I think that Celine Ring is not as mainstream as other Celine bags, but oh God, it is gorgeous. I wish of owning one really soon. I hope to get one in white or black. But still have to decide which one and that is the toughest thing. The size is a problem as well. I have two kids so small bags are not the option. So i wider which one is the most practical choice from your point of view?

    Thanks in advance. I am in your club, though I do not own any ring bag (hope I will soon))
  11. My medium Ring, just in time for spring and summer!

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  12. IMG_1475809096.708374.gif

    I would like to share my recent purchase, I got this one for 50% off. I believe they are discontinuing the ring bag. If you want one, I suggest you get it before you can't :smile:.

    My ring is in a light burgundy. I think it's a baby grained leather IMG_1475809229.915990.gif
  13. IMG_1482839073.395603.gif
    Joining in with a small in sea. There was a small selection at the outlet and very happy I found this. It's very functional and different without being too different.
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  14. Congrats on your find! Is it comfortable to carry the bag on the shoulder? I've been considering it for a while. Thanks
  15. Thank you!! I have the small size so it's not meant to be carried on the shoulder. I believe the medium and large are though.