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** CELINE Recommended SA's Worldwide **

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  1. Really can't say enough good things about Eddie Silva at Saks Celine in San Francisco. I ordered my very first Celine bag from him and he was wonderful! Very attentive, kind, and thoughtful. My bag arrived perfectly with a hand written note from Eddie- it was really the best shopping experience I have had!
  2. Another vote for Eddie Silva at Saks SF. He give honest opinions, is not pushy, is fun to talk to and just has a great attitude about things in general!
  3. Jaqueline from Celine Saks in SF is great. If your desired bag is available in the US, she will track it down for you. 760-485-4016.
    Both her and Eddie Silva are great and both super responsive.
  4. Can highly recommend Junna Matsuda from Celine Beverly Hills. She was very helpful and polite and quickly responded to all my emails. Probably one of the best non in-store interactions I've had with Celine to date.
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  5. If anyone ever visits Sydney, Australia. I recommend you visit the Celine Boutique located inside the David Jones Department Store located on Elizabeth Street, Sydney. There is an amazing Celine Sales Assistant by the name of Ursula. She has bright red hair and a lovely European accent. She is one of the best sales assistance i have come across. She knows her Celine products very well. She always takes time to explain about the different bags, seasons, leathers and calls me when she knows a bag i have been wanting has arrived in store. Many times I've been indecisive and she's encouraged me to buy, and i never regretted any purchase she's helped with. She's always polite when i need to exchange something because she wants me to be completely happy with my purchase. So yes, I HIGHLY recommend Ursula from the Celine Boutique in David Jones department store in Sydney. Great service, polite, friendly and knows her Celine products well. :smile::flowers::heart:
  6. Hi! Any recommended SAs from Celine Singapore? If you have any email address where I can contact the boutique(s) too that would be great. TIA!
  7. Anton from Harrods and Lucia from the Bicester store.