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Cartier juc wg or rg decision

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  1. Hello dear Cartier lovers - I plan to add a juc diamond tips bangle to my current stack of just two rose gold bangles. I have been thinking of adding the rose gold juc but after seeing photos of the white gold one I’m wondering if I should get that one instead? Do any of you mix and match metals? Which do you think would look best? Here’s my stack with the rose gold juc. Thanks in advance!

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  2. That looks beautiful. I personally am not a fan of mixing metals and love how the RG looks on you.
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  3. thank you! I am loving the rg
  4. YG or RG

    I think the WG looks more akin to an actual nail while either YG or RG are more akin to a jewelry look. Just my opinion of course.
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  5. great point! Thank you
  6. I would go with rose gold. I sometimes mix and match metals, but in this case I think all three being rose gold is best. :smile:
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  7. I have white gold JUC with diamonds because I wanted it to look like an actual nail.
    I stack with yellow gold Love. Either one you choose will be beautiful!
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  8. 100 million percent rose gold!
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  9. Rose Gold is gorgeous!
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  10. I too would select rose gold.
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  11. Thank you for the feedback! I ordered the rg today since it isn’t readily available at my store in ny size. So excited! :smile:
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