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Can't decide!!!

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  1. I'm having trouble picking my color. At first I was gonna go with the grey or "slate" ..but my eye kept catching on the "clay" color. I'm not a pink person but looking at other photos off the site it's more a burnt clay color. I cant pick. I feel like I should go with my instinct and get the clay as it's not as common a color as slate but still has the ability to be a neutral. Thoughts?

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  2. Heres the "clay" in other styles . But I wanted to see it against clothes and in different lighting the grey is self explanatory so I wont post the grey. But I'm seriously torn between the two. But leaning to clay. Be fun in the summer and pop in the winter against my winter coat that's black and on dreary grey days.

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  3. Ohhhh the clay is lovely! Can you try on the bag before buying it?
  4. I cant its online only for me. But they are great about returns. I have 30 days of love it or not so I may do that. As theres only 8 left in clay I may miss out!!!
  5. Buy both and return the one you don't like :biggrin:
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  6. the first pic of the clay does look pink but the modeling pics look much more neutral.....if you're buying from the manufacturer can you call and ask which pics are more accurate?
    I don't like returning stuff so I'd probably go with the clay and hope it works rather than buying both and returning one
  7. I think the clay looks lovely. It would be my choice. But have a look through your wardrobe and think about how the 2 colours will pair with your favourite clothes. I have, in the past, chosen a colour because I loved it, and then found it difficult to make it work with my wardrobe. It’s very frustrating!
  8. Agree on the clay, it doesn't look pink to me, maybe very slightly.