Can a beauty SA sell me a bag?


Oct 9, 2013
I recently went into the Hermes boutique with the idea of starting a relationship with an SA and met a very lovely lady! She helped me with some scarves and a rodeo but when I looked at her card I realized it said Beauty Expert as her title. Would she be able to help me build my wishlist for a bag or would I have to be in contact with another SA in that dept?


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Feb 10, 2007
As you mentioned, she’s already helped you with items outside of the beauty category and bags are no different. She may be the store‘s point person for new beauty launches and stock/inventory but she has equal access to all other items in the store and needs to build her client list and meet sales quotas just like everyone else.
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Feb 28, 2006
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Chiming in to agree with the previous posters and other comments on the forum. Your sales history is with the store, not an individual SA. So if you clicked with this person and she helped you get items you were looking for, go for it! At my store, all SAs even get a "leather day" where they're helping out in the bags department to handle the influx of appointments.
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