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BV Outlet - Desert Hills/Cabazon - Advice?

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  1. I'm thinking about making the 4 hour drive to Palm Spring tomorrow to check out the BV Outlet there. Does anyone know if there are true "deals" (on handbags) at the BV outlets? Has anyone ever found anything at Barneys, NMLC or Saks Off 5th? Unfortunately, my budget is either deeply-discounted or previously loved...
  2. Welcome to BV! Your best bet will be to read all the neat stuff in the Bottega Veneta Shopping Information area, located here:

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  3. The Cabazon Desert Hills outlet is fantastic. BV often has really deep discounts around holidays. You may want to call the outlet first to ask about deals. There were Black Friday deals at BV but they may be over. I’ve done very well at BV Cabazon with amazing jewelry and exotic leather purchases. Typical pricing is 30% off retail. Holiday deals are usually another 30% off. Barney’s, NM, and Saks are very hit or miss. Parking will be a challenge this time of year. The garage is close to BV. Good luck on your excursion.
  4. You can always find something at the outlet that you didn’t even know you wanted
    Sometimes their stock is depleted
    You might want to call ahead and speak with a SA
    They can send you pictures of bags if that is what you are interested in
    You will also be establishing a relationship with a SA
    Once you establish a relationship with a SA and actually buy something from them they will then keep you in mind for any promos or if you are looking for a particular color or style they will keep you in mind
    A good SA is worth her weight in gold because she/he will not just selling you something they will be working for you
    They get everything at the outlets so it is hit or miss
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  5. Did you visit the BV Cabazon outlet?