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BV opening in KOP (expected Oct. 2016)

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  1. The King of Prussia mall is where I do most of my mall shopping (it's outside of Philadelphia). The mall is large but has two distinct parts, with parking lots and an outdoor walkway separating the two. They have been working on building a new luxury wing to connect the two sides, and among the new stores is BV. I just read about this yesterday.

    I've never had a BV boutique near me before, so I'm excited. I used to have two absolutely terrific SAs who kindly sent me items to consider via consignment, but they both ended up leaving BV, so I've ended up doing more shopping at Hermes. I hope that they get only great SAs to staff the new boutique, because although I think the area can support the brand, there is a lot of competition in the same mall (Hermes, Gucci, LV, Neiman Marcus, etc.). I feel like my loyalties might be tested--we'll see! I guess it depends how big/well-stocked this location will be. Some of the smaller BV boutiques that I've visited were tiny and had surprisingly little to see in-store.
  2. Uh oh... That could be dangerous.

    The closest one to me is two hours away (Valley Fair) but it's super close to my sister and in the shopping mall we go to when we shop. I almost always stop by.
  3. Potentially dangerous, for sure. I don't get to the mall that often, but without a local boutique, I'd only get to shop at BV maybe twice a year while visiting other cities. Certainly the temptation will be more frequent than before. Some boutiques have a better vibe than others, so I hope ours will have a good one!
  4. Hi blueiris ( [emoji173]️that name & avatar!) I'm a newbie to BV & just scanning these threads. So funny to see your post because I'm from that area & also shop KoP~ I was there yesterday at NM ( getting a BV key case pouch to replace a defective Chanel Oring case) & I saw the new Connector bridge of shops where the new BV boutique is. Unfortunately I was very short on time & didn't get to the new BV boutique but i definitely will on my next trip! You are right in that there's lots of "competition" there...I took these pics of the BV display in Neiman Marcus while I was with my SA so they have a decent collection at NM, as you know! [emoji4] IMG_1471947489.564392.gif IMG_1471947500.015783.gif
  5. Hi, Kendie26! Thanks for the report. I haven't seen the connector bridge yet, or the new section, but I know some stores have moved already--Tiffany, Cartier, and LV, among others. Hermes is moving later on, too, so I'm thinking that both BV and Hermes will open in October. I'll bet that NM isn't going to be happy about all of its neighbors moving all at once.

    Thanks for the photo, too! You're right, the selection of BV is pretty decent! Still, I'm hoping that the boutique will have great stock on the stuff that KOP NM never has available, like the silver/fashion jewelry line and Cabats. I wonder how much RTW and men's stuff they'll get, too. Of course, first I'd better make sure there is a money tree around and ready to harvest! Yikes, this really could be dangerous, like grietje says!
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  6. Hi again1 blueiris! I bet NM is not thrilled that Hermes is moving since they since right beside NM & LV is a stones throw from them too.
    I hear you on "danger"....I'm almost afraid to go tempt myself with the new boutique & guessing that odds are very good that they will have items that NM does not have (I hope) Maybe I'll bump into you there sometime! :biggrin:
  7. Wow I had no idea. I was so sad when BV in Atlantic City closed. When I go back to my PA house will need to get a trip scheduled to the King of Prussia mall. Nothing like seeing the bags in person.
  8. Hi, ReRe! Nice to see you here again! The new luxury wing at KOP Mall turned out well, better than I expected. It connects where the old Strawbridges was (upstairs) all the way to beyond the Macy's hub on the other side. They blew through the wall inside Neiman Marcus to the left of the shoe department for a new entrance into to the new wing. Tiffany's, LV, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Bulgari, and so many others--yes, BV--are all right there! Lots of new brands are represented.

    I went to "our" BV recently, and they have pre-fall showing now. It seems like the store is better-stocked than when they first opened. You're right, there's nothing like seeing the bags and other merchandise in person.