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BV at home

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  1. Since I’m not going out, no reason to stop appreciating and admiring BV. Today, loving the HG bag I finally was able to locate after nearly a decade. Can’t wait to take it for a spin to the grocery store!

    Feel free to share your BV and household objects in this thread.

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  2. Congrats, that's gorgeous!
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  3. Thank u for starting this thread :flowers: I’ve been following @diane278 ‘s H thread and its been a highlight of my day....

    “I may be stuck at home, but at least I have a good view’. Took my Petrol Mini Cabat outside for some fresh air today....

  4. Your Cabat is beautiful :heart: Love that added stitching effect. What a feeling to finally have it after years of searching :yahoo:
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  5. That is so freaking beautiful...
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  6. Thank you :hugs:
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  7. Great Cabats!
    This Cabat is earning its keep. 4D991243-70E2-4972-8F03-163C869334B8.jpeg
  8. Watching TV with my fuschia plisse! She likes old episodes of NCIS! 286B49B9-5066-4A64-B11A-10428921B9D8.jpeg
  9. You ladies with these stunning Cabats are killing me....literally!:hbeat:
  10. Enjoying some time on the patio, but carefully social distancing....

  11. Easter colours!
  12. you must be kiddin'!! how can anyone be "stuck" with such a view at the doorstep???
    i'd yell of joy if i got "stuck" in a place like this!
    p.s. with, or without a lovely Cabat :biggrin:
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  13. omg! that's hilarious! :lol: :clap:
  14. :lol::lol::lol:
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  15. :hugs:
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