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Business Affinity questions...

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  1. HI all!
    So I have a few questions regarding the Business Affinity flap.
    What colors, sizes and leathers are currently available? Current prices? Also, Which department stores carry them ( Nordstrom, NM, Saks, Bloomies, Bergdorf)

  2. No one?? Lol

    Ok How about this:

    Does a Large Gray BA flap exist?
  3. Considering each store carries Different inventory I would strongly recommend calling the boutique or going there in person. From personal experience Neiman Marcus had a different inventory than the boutique Same thing for Nordstrom. Colors vary by season. Hard to give a black-and-white answers to your questions. I got a med BA and I do believe they have a large. I I think there is a thread for BA ( under clubhouse ). I would consider Posting there. You might get more engagement.

  4. hi! Thanks for the reply! I guess I should have been more specific, I was originally asking if anyone knew which department stores bought/carried this bag not who had one at the moment. Also as for colors, that is what I was asking, what colors this bag came in not necessarily what was currently available. Sorry I was not more clear:smile:
  5. Yes, it exists and I’ve seen at the boutiques. Current prices are 3700, 3900 and 4200 I believe. Uptown Luxer is correct about the department stores and boutiques ordering and carrying different colors and sizes. You can call the chanel 800 number and they can tell you which boutiques have whatever is in stock.
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