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Best everyday designer handbag?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am looking to purchase a versatile yet classic and sophisticated designer handbag for everyday use. I already have LV Neverfull and Artsy along with Gucci disco bag and Balenciaga city mini. I prefer to get a timeless handbag rather than something too trendy. I am a professional working mom to 3 young kids so I Would prefer a small or medium sized baG, something that can at least hold a few extra things that the Gucci disco bag for
    Instance is just too small for.

    I am considering the LV speedy, YSL Loulou, Chloe Marcie, or Celine Belt bag, but can’t seem to pull the trigger on which one I like most. I don’t mind whether the bag is wearable over the shoulder vs wrist. Any suggestions? Any other bags you’d recommend? TIA!
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  2. Based from your choices I would recommend the Speedy B. It’s a classic and versatile bag. It can be worn over the shoulder, top handle or crossbody (hands free!). You can also fit a lot in it esp from size 30 up. I personally have the 25 and it already fits a lot; but i know a number of people are bothered by the opening. I chose it; because I drown in the 30 (looks too big against my frame). If you choose the DE print it’s even more carefree and easy to maintain.
    The others I’m not too sure; but from what I hear, the Celine Belt is hard to open and close and can even flop over. A zip closure might be better for you over a flap type bag.
    Here’s my Speedy B25

    Attached Files:

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  3. The speedy is, of course, one of the most iconic bags you can buy. However, it is not exactly understated. I love the speedy, it’s so lightweight and fits a lot, even in the 25 size.
    I also really, really like the belt bag, I don’t have it, but I always admire it. I think this gets my vote.
    I also like the small big bag from Celine...
  4. What are your thoughts on the Speedy vs Givency Antigona? When I’ve worn my LV bags, I’ve gotten some snide comments about how “in your face” the LV monogram is. Not that I particularly care what other people say/think, but was considering just a black leather bag this time around...
  5. I think the speedy is a good choice. I am a mom too and have it in 25, 30 and 35. The 25 and 35 are in bandauliere and that’s very convenient when running around. I love the zipper when traveling, makes the bag feel safe from pickpockets. The DE is easy to maintain but I have a mono too and don’t mind the vachetta getting a bit darker with time. Hope you find your new bag soon and that you’ll feel happy with your choice.
  6. I don’t have an Antigona but I think that’s a fairly structured bag... and I get an impression that it’s already heavy without stuff inside. I’ve also seen some comments about the zipper opening being hard to get in and out of. Plus isn’t the strap shorter with the bigger sizes? For me, I’d stick with the Speedy B and just get the DE canvas. I think it’s the most carefree and least “in your face” out of all of them.
    Honestly, I had a bias towards LV bags being too common... BUT after buying mine I really didn’t think about it much; because I just loved the bag from the get go. Easy to use, light and sturdy material... it’s a classic for a reason.
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  7. Givenchy Antigona. A few sizes to choose from. Very high quality. Definitely classic. Easy to dress up or down, so very versatile. Adore mine.
  8. Speedy B in DE will last you a lifetime. It's not the most exciting bag, but you'll be so glad you have it. It's huge, secure, convenient, versatile, rain proof, and bulletproof. Get it before the price increases again.
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    I love YSL. My Cabas Chyc is one of my most loved and versatile bags, yet you would need to find it on the preloved market, as it is no longer made (pics below).
    This one is mine:

    Stock photo:
    I also love the Chloe Marcie. There are several sizes available so be sure you try them on and order the correct one if purchasing online.

    Givenchy Antigona seems far too bulky and stiff.

    Lastly, have you considered the Celine micro luggage? It is so versatile, classy, durable, easy to access belongings, and holds a lot.

    I feel the Speedy is overdone and monogram canvas is not a versatile look for all occasions. I use my Speedy for vacations, as it is light, durable, and easily replaceable.
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  10. I own the micro belt bag and love it (I have only one small child), the only issue is that the closure is a little bit harder to get in and out of compared to your other options, so that may be a factor in your decision. How often do you need to reach for things inside your bag (I.e. need super quick access). I do like that the belt bag comes in water resistant leathers and the smaller sizes come with crossbody straps which I appreciate.

    The luggage that was mentioned above is a great option. I own the small, so no strap, but I can fit my life in it and still look stylish.
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    The smallest Celine luggage is called the Nano, which comes with a strap. It is about 8” high by 8” wide, not counting the “wings” - a smallish purse size. My 22 year old daughter wears this size.

    The next size up is the Micro, which is a nice standard tote size - not too big or heavy, about 10” x 10”, but wider where it wings out. I can wear mine on the shoulder if necessary, as I have small shoulders.

    The next size up is the Mini, which is definitely not Mini!! It’s large!

    I believe the next size up is sometimes referred to as the “small.” It is called the “shoulder” in the pic below.

    This pic only goes up to mini.
  12. @gettingpurseonal Thanks for the size charts! So, I have the mini (first gen, so the handles are shorter. Definitely not shoulder friendly unless I was a child?). I always misname it cause the other bags have smalls (for example the belt bag). Honestly, celine's naming conventions confuse me.
  13. Yes, their naming system can be quite confusing!
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    Working mom to 2 young ones too, I love the LV Speedy B 25, YSL large College and Givenchy Pandora.
    Love the look of Celine Belt too.
  15. LVs are just so common, imo. And so 'in your face' with the logo. The Antigona isn't heavy to me, but I do have the small - which actually holds a lot. It's beautifully structured, not bulky and stiff. The leather is really high quality, and durable. No problems getting in and out of the zipper opening.
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