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Becoming a LV Personal Shopper?

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  1. Hi all!
    My boyfriend is based in Europe and I fly back and forth frequently. I was thinking of becoming a personal shopper (already shop for friends and family in the states) for people in the states since the price difference is quite big and I could get them some discounts. I was curious to know what shoppers would be concerned about and how I can get into this, specifically for LV.

    Friends and family I buy for obviously have trust and know that everything is real, but I know that there are issues with authentication.

    Any suggestions on how to start and also proving legitimacy?

    I was thinking of creating a website and also while I am shopping be on a call or WhatsApp with potential clients to show them the product and also the code so that when they receive it they can also verify it themselves?

    Of course also providing original receipts, bag, dust, boxes, etc?

    What are your thoughts and suggestions? :o)
  2. I would be most concerned about bringing in large amounts of designer goods through customs unless you plan on declaring the items.
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  3. I agree. You aren’t the first person to think of this. In order to be profitable, your purchases will more than likely exceed the $10,000 maximum allowance by US customs each time you entered the US. If you choose not to claim them, then you are taking the law into your own hands.
  4. What everyone else said. Anything over $800 would have to be declared. Doesn’t sound like a great idea to me unless you already had a large clientele willing to pay enough that you make profit but they still get a bargain. Pretty tough. Plus airfare unless as you mentioned, you’d be flying anyway and not necessarily for business.
  5. Why bring them all back? Ship them. PayPal is a wonderful international tool . There is a person that does this on select items. Charges 10% of the total sale and the client pays for the shipping. Could be a good gig as many items are never in the US for example and people will pay to get them.
  6. I could've sworn that there's a limitation on how many items you can purchase in a period of time? I know I've been told there's a limitation per calendar year per passport when I'm shopping in Europe. Unless there's no limitation, this sounds like a side hustle for some quick cash but nothing more than that.
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