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Bar/Going Out Bag

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  1. Good day, Louis Vuitton Bag/Hermès lovers!

    I’ve been pining after an H bag/clutch for a little bit. The H bags I use regularly are my C24, B30, and K32. Definitely not bags I’d be bringing out with me to bars with friends or to little house parties!

    I’m just so back and forth between what would be useful/practical for these occasions. It definitely would need to be a crossbody, though! Thinking about an Evelyne tpm or cinhetic Togo/mini wallet, possibly a mini K!

    My home state doesn’t have a H store so any chance to try something on is lost until I vacation back to Paris next month.

    Any advice, suggestions, links to applicable threads if this is too similar to another post? Thanks! :smile:
  2. I wouldn't suggest an Evelyne to go out in a crowded bar - the top doesn't close and someone could easily slip their hand in to steal your belongings. Cinhetic to Go would be a good option though! Plus I think it looks fancier than the Evelyne yet still under the radar.
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  3. For a casual night out, I would suggest the Evelyne TPM, mini Bolide, mini Plume, or the new Kelly/Cinhetic WOC. You could also do a Kelly 25 or Mini Kelly, but it would have to be a tougher leather like Togo or chèvre. I avoid taking Box calf and similar to bars and clubs but would take a Box bag to a friend's house (my mini Kelly is Box, so it only goes to places it will not get squished or spilled on).
    For a fancier night out but still a bar/club I would go with Kelly 25, mini K, or Kelly/Cinhetic to Go.

    I wear Evie TPMs for most casual errands including on the subway. They are so small that I think it would be difficult for anyone to get in without you noticing, especially with the strap closed, but if that worries you, Kellys and Bolides are much more closed up.

    Personally I swap between K25 and mini Kelly for these occasions unless I am SUPER casual when it's a TPM Evie,. but I carry a Chanel WOC for full-on dancing. I'm sure the To Gos will be as useful but I feel more carefree with the WOC.
  4. I would never bring any H bag to a club type bar: too much risk of drunks spilling things on it and getting it scratched, scuffed or grabbed and stolen.
  5. I use my jige, its nice u can just clutch it underneath armpit
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  6. What’s the point of having these beautiful bags if you’re too scared to use them? Also, what type of bars do you go to?
  7. a piano bag,perfect !
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    C18 or mini bolide would be my choice. Mini bolide can be worn xbody or hand carry. Price on mini bolide isn’t a wallet killer either. I think a k25 is a great bag but for clubbing or bar scene, maybe a little to big. Mini K is another option but depends on how much you want to carry with you.

    I have C18 and mini bolide and have used for these purposes. I wouldn’t use my K25 for this. Don’t have a mini K.
    Good luck!
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  9. I recommend Kelly wallet with Farandole chain. I’m not a fan of the Kelly wallet to go or the Constance to go, I think the strap lacks charm which the Farandole chain adds to these wallets. Kelly wallet better for going to bars it’s smaller and more feminine. Fits your phone perfectly. The only other option is Evelyne TPM.

    People who say Farandole chain is not good for these wallets are mistaken, they do no harm.
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  10. Do you think a farandole necklace would be OK with a matte gator Constance wallet? Thanks in advance @bababebi
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  11. I second @QuelleFromage .. Chanel woc all the way. I also carry my Chanel mini to bars and clubs. If it’s a more “civil” type bar I will carry my black Epsom Constance. TBH, I’ve carried my black Constance to a “club-club” a few times.. but I also knew we’d have our own table, so not as much chance of damage. Epsom In black is pretty durable!
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  12. I have two matte alligator and one shiny alligator Constance wallet and I have used them for years with Farandole chains and they are undamaged. I do not put more weight than cellphone and tissue.
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  13. Thank you .... will give it a go!
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  14. :PThank you for the replies everyone!! Major appreciation for you all :heart:

    Leaning towards either a Cinhetic Togo or a Kelly Wallet with the Farandole chain! Love the multipurpose of the wallet/chain!

    Just to clarify, I’d also NEVER bring a H bag into any jam packed dance club/overcrowded bar for the same aforementioned fears. I refuse to actually bring any designer duds on most beach vacations unless it’s a tote for the plane or going out Loubs.

    But we do go out to a few cute bars for happy hour or brunching with friends regularly... I just want to be able to grab something easy, cute, and H :biggrin:
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  15. I would say consider the
    Kelly, Constance or Cinetic To Gos because the straps are attached and I personally find it less convenient to use a Longue wallet with Farandole. The Clic 16 TPM Evelyn, Aline, Kelly Mini and C18 would all work well. It depends how much you want to carry as well as how formal these bars and clubs are.
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