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Ban Island Forever or How can I live without buying new Chanels in retirement??

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  1. Okay, I'm near retirement but I can't imagine retiring because I can't imagine not buying any Chanel bags.... I currently make a salary that allows me to purchase Chanel bags and other designer bags (Hermes/Dior) but if I retire, I will be living on fixed income= permanent Ban Island?? I must confess that I have never visited Ban Island so I'm totally without a reference to what life is like there. So I was wondering if any of you are facing/having nightmares about this very issue....

    I have a considerable collection that I love but I doubt that I will be satisfied in retirement without buying any new Chanel bags.....I think about the Boy- something totally new from Chanel that I was able to acquire as I am still working and love it to death!

    If any of you willing to share your post retirement Chanel strategies, I'm interested in learning how to permanently live on Ban Island and be happy in retirement....
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  3. Maybe you could have a "one in, one out" policy? Choose a bag that you would give up in order to make room for a new one. At least this way, you're not spending "new money" on new bags, you're just switching some around. :smile:

    Or you could generate passive income after retirement, so you could retain your bag allowance and still not have to work to earn money. ;)
  4. Why not keep working until you can't? Or working part-time?
  5. That"s A Good Answer, Not many people retire now a days
  6. I said this because of my two in-laws. One decided to retire even though continuing to work was an option. The other is still working, and just works less. The one that retires now struggles financially due to unexpected expenses. The one that is still working lives a comfortable life: can afford nice vacations, buy nice gifts, etc.

    After witnessing this DH and I decided tat we will work until we can't. But honestly retirement is still very far from now... :P
  7. Hi Catash and lovebmw
    I would love to "never" retire but my DH is so excited to retire and for us both to stop working. I'm trying to find a work around to suit us both and forgo the Trip to Ban Island

  8. Love your idea! I think it would be workable solution for me!! Thanks, Princess Cypress!!
  9. You're welcome, Passau! This is where I'm "sort of" at right now and it works for me, so I'm glad to share. :hugs:

  10. Totally admirable - you're a true Chanel lover ! *salut*
    I set foot on Ban Island for the first time few hours ago. I wonder what it's like and how long I will stay ....
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    One of the woman I worked with retired yesterday. She is in her late 50's. She was asked to take a downgrade or a layoff. She chose layoff.

    The day she was given the option she was attending the funeral of a much younger colleague. She realized that there was more to life than work.

    If I could afford to retire I would be gone in a heartbeat. I realized today that I have been working full time for 38 years.

    If someone would have asked me even 15 years ago what I would be doing at 58 , I would have said be retired. Life really never turns out as expected
  12. I'm knocking on the door to retirement myself. Another issue is, Where am I going to carry all of these luxury handbags if I don't have a job to go to everyday?

    I guess at that point, I'll reduce my collection. :confused1: Seems like a good idea. I'm sure there are some that I could let go of.

    I rotate at least once a week and sometimes more. I really do try to use all of my nice things. Chanel at Target, yes. :giggles:

    Life is strange, but we will have to find the answers one way or another...
  13. Good Luck on Ban Island, AnnetteHK ! I believe the tourist population is quite large with very few "natives"!
  14. Hi Tulip2! I know what you mean about where will I carry my Chanels in retirement....church and special occasions but also to the grocery store?? Perhaps one naturally downsizes in retirement but I'm not ready to give up my personal style....

    I guess I will have to start TPF Chanel meetings so I can wear them to the meetings......
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