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Azur Damier Agenda... should I keep it

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  1. I bought myself a medium agenda over a decade ago and have never used it. It's sitting in a drawer making me feel bad that it goes unused.
    If I get it out and force myself to use it, I feel like it would be a waste. I'm sure that there is a more worthy home out there in the wild.
    What are the prices like for these now? Should I keep it in mint condition hoping to make more money in the future? Do these kinds of things increase in value over time? Does the chance of resale influence the items you buy?
  2. According to sold listings on eBay, the Agenda MM in DA sells between $200 and $400. Agendas are less and less popular given the rise of outlook calendars and other digital planners. If you’re not going to use it, I would sell it. No need to hoard!
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  3. A few years ago I bought a PM agenda. Was excited, fixed it up, etc. I used it for a couple months, only to leave it on my dresser; to pick it up again a few months later, to only do the same thing. I like looking through it every so often since I have all sorts of stickers, etc inside these pouches I picked up at Filofax. But as we speak it’s still on top of my dresser. :biggrin:

    If you haven’t used it, I say sell it. :smile:
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  4. I love agendas. I forgot they made it in Azur. Now I have to go find one!

    I don’t use my phone for appointments. I use it for reminders and review my weekly appointments books.
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  5. Sell it. Sell it now. Holding onto it isn’t going to get you more $... I don’t buy anything thinking of resale unless it’s substantial like a vehicle or real estate.
  6. Some folks have repurposed their agenda for notes and other things. Check out the Agenda Club thread in the Clubhouse and maybe get a few ideas for other uses before you make a final decision.