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Anyone use Saphir on their Chanel?

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  1. Has anyone tried Saphir Super Invulner spray on their Chanel lambskin leather to protect it from stains (or color transfer) and to repel dirt and water? If so, what was the outcome? Does it leave a sheen? Any regrets? Thank you!♥️
  2. I use Sapir products on my Chanels and they work great. However, for the protective spray I use Vectra Formula 16. But I think Saphir would work well too.
  3. Hi Olgita! Thank you for your response! I will look up the Vectra! Do you prefer the Vectra for water repelling vs the Saphir spray? Are your Chanels lambskin and light colored? I have a light beige boy bag in lambskin. I recently got color transfer on the back of it from a dark blue sweater. I was able to get it off myself with just leather conditioner and a light rubbing of the magic dry eraser. I did have some water repellent spray that I got from Cole Haan and that was put on it about 1 week before I got the color transfer. I'm not sure if that is why I was able to remove the slight color transfer, but perhaps that helped it to come off pretty easily. Now I want to use the best protectant out there and at the time I used the Cole Haan, that was the one I trusted. Just looking to see if I can purchase something better. Lol. Thank you again!
  4. I totally get what you are saying. I am a strong believer that spraying water and dirt repellant spray is beneficial. Vectra Fromula 16 offers both grease protection and water protection. I started using it before Saphir, that’s the reason why I kept it over the Saphir spray. I do not have any light colored lambskin, but I did use the Vectra spray on the ivory caviar boy bag. I had no color transfer and I wore the bag with causal clothes which often included dark colored pants and jeans. I do respray my lighter colored bags with the Vectra spray when I feel it may have worn off or about every four-five months if I ware the bag often.

    I am glad you were able to remove the color transfer. Whichever spray you chose, make sure it say that it protects from both water and grease / dirt. I never had problems with Vectra. It darkens the leather when you spray it, but once it dries it goes back to original color and texture. It dries up pretty fast too. Can you please explain to me how you used the magic eraser? Did do you get it wet?
  5. Olgita, hello there! Yes, I did wet the eraser. I used the magic eraser for the very first time (and only time) when I got color transfer on my Boy. I'm not a pro at this, but this is what I did. I put the Kate Spade Leather Conditioner on it first to see if the transfer would rub off. It did not. Then I took a corner of the Magic Eraser and wet it with water and squeezed out the excess water since I did not want to create a water stain on my Bag.. I gently rubbed the spot with the eraser for about 4 seconds and it was gone. HOWEVER on one of the ridges (the frame that goes around the Boy bag) ended up getting a teeny scuff from the eraser. It almost looks like a teeny dirt smear. It is barely there. Maybe the edge is more fragile.

    Thank you so much for your help for the water repellent! ♥️
  6. Hi Debbie65! Wow that’s awesome that you were not scared to use the magic eraser on light colored lamb. Although I don’t really mind to do little “do it yourself” projects on bag maintinance, i probably would not do it on a light colored lamb. Hope that you will not get anymore color transfer.