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Anyone have photos of Keepall 45 in Damier Graphite with INNER pocket?

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  1. Hi,
    I have been wanting the 45 in Damier Graphite but all I found was without the inner pocket. This search was in London, Singapore and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (all in April 2019).. no inner pockets for the 45 in graphite. I can confirmed the date codes for the ones without inner pockets was 2019. I have emailed LV Paris as well and they said the N41418 (Keepall Bandouliere 45) is without the inner pocket. Other colorways has the inner pockets though.

    However, users in this forum has stated that ALL newer 45, regardless of colorway, comes with inner pocket now. Does anyone have any photos of their Keepall 45 with inner pocket in Graphite specfically so I can show it to the next clueless SA?
  2. i wonder if only MIU ones have a pocket? my damier graphite 45 has one, and it's MIU. i can't take a pic right now as i'm not home, but i'll try to remember to do so tonight.

    hope you find what you're looking for!
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  3. I can’t speak for MIF Graphite, but my MIF Monogram Macassar has an interior pocket. It would be quite odd if they decided to only put interior pockets on the pieces sold to North American/US market. One would think their production assembly and features would be consistent world-wide. Please let us know if you find one with a pocket. This makes me curious!
    BTW, did you call LV client services and ask them? Most times they are useless, but I have had some positive experiences with knowledgeable associates as well.
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  4. Here’s my Damier Graphite 45. It was made in January 2019.

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  5. Thanks alot justm3! That's a relief to have known that the Damier Graphite exist with an inner pocket. Interesting though you mentioned the possibility might due to MIU. The product code is still N41418 right?
  6. I did email LV Client services and attached is the reply. My hunt will continue down under (Australia) this month and Paris in July. Hope they have it!

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  7. yes, that's the product code. good luck finding one with a pocket!
  8. Can you share a picture? Where did you purchase it? I am looking for a Keepall 45 in Monogram Macassar Canvas WITH Interior pocket? I am in the US.
  9. 9AC590AD-FF00-4925-924A-BE8321509B05.jpeg
  10. Purchased in January 2019
  11. In the US in NJ
  12. Thank you!!
  13. Mine has an inner pocket. Purchased last month. Made in US.
  14. Thank you! What state did you purchase?
    I have been on the search for them in Florida.