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Advice on first Hermes purchase - Oasis sandals

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  1. Hi all - new to this forum and hoping someone can help advise me on a few questions related to the Oasis sandals, which I'm planning on buying as a grad gift to myself!

    Sizing: I wear a US 8 street shoe, a 39 in designer heels (e.g. Jimmy Choo), and have a slightly wide toe box (not wide enough to buy wide versions of shoes, but uncomfortable in some shoes that run narrow). The Hermes site says I should buy a 38 but I'm skeptical - any advice?

    Color: I'm leaning towards black because I feel like they'll go with more but the brown ("gold") is so pretty! Any advice on how to choose?

    And finally, do they slide off? I usually shy away from mules/sandals without a little big toe separator because I feel like I'll just walk straight out of them. Has this happened to people?

    Thanks so much for any advice you can give!
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  2. I’m a size 38 (can wear US8 but it’s slightly large on me depending on brand) and I find Oasis to be true to size.

    I love the look but I find my feet tend to slide forward in them, hence I buy Orans instead (similar style without heel). I know friends who say the same and others who have no problems so best to try on yourself (your feet shape and arch will make a difference).

    Color-wise, I vote for gold. It’s just as versatile as black but looks more special.
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  3. I second eckw, I would go with Oran : no risk of sliding. They are true to size for me.
    Black box with white stitches was my first pair and I wear it with everything.
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  4. Hey!
    The fit of these sandals depends a bit on the leather type. So, even though the size is the same some of them are more comfortable to me than others (especially in the toe area). Epson is pretty hard and inflexible so please take it into account.

    Have you seen that Orans look "squarish" around the back and around the toes? Are your heels or toes square per any chance? My aren't. Pretty round the last time I've checked. So, in my opinion, the design needs an"ergonomic" upgrade ASAP.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Orans..
    Black, gold really all the colors are fabulous. Try them on for size & if there is more than one pair in your
    size, try that on as well. They sometimes size wise will fit differently on your foot
    For your first pair, black likely will offer the amount of versatility you will likely like
  6. I wear 38 in Hermes and my oasis is 38. I wear 37 or 37.5 in almost all the other brands (manolos, Valentino, dior, Gucci). 38 might be small for you on the oasis if you wear 39 on other brands. As for the sliding, I just put a ball of foot insert that prevents my feet from sliding. I do this to all of my sandals with my feet being on the narrow side.
  7. In most shoes I am 37.5 but I size up to 38 for oasis. I love the oasis sandal. It’s the perfect summer shoe!