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Acne coming back in summer and winter months

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I had really bad acne as an undergrad and that resulted in really bad scaring. Over the years I have been able to reduce the acne scaring and my acne in general. However during the summer months I get really bad acne on my forehead, chin, and cheeks. During the winter my skin gets dry and I get acne on my cheeks and forehead. I tried different moisturizers and oils in the winter, but nothing seems to work. My forehead is oily all year round, while my cheeks are oily only during the summer months. Does anyone have suggestions for a good summer moisturizer and sunscreen, and a good winter sunscreen?
  2. I have oily skin and found that the best thing for it is to use an oil-based cleanser and not to strip all of the moisture away. The gentle cleansing helps to keep my skin more balanced. There are better oil cleansers, and you can make your own, but I usually use Burt's Bees Orange Essence facial cleanser. It's creamy and easier to use than straight oil. I wash my face with it morning and night and use a light lotion with spf and beta hydroxy acids in it during the day and a more moisturizing cream at night. I rarely have acne, but when I do, I put a dot of baking soda toothpaste on just the spot and leave it overnight. It pulls out impurities and dries out just that spot. I wish I had discovered this as a teen. Nothing else worked for me. :smile: I really believe the oil cleanser is key because it was the one change that made the difference in balancing my skin. I hope this helps!
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  3. Thank you, I will definitely try an oil based cleanser once I research them more. In the past I used the toothpaste method on my acne, but my skin is really tough and hardly gets phased by anything. I left the toothpaste on overnight, and it only removed a bit of the redness. :biggrin:
  4. Did you do deep facial cleansing before and after summer? If not then you need to
    You need also a good scrub/microexfoliant for every day.
    Then you need a sunscreen that will not break you out. I’m using Dior bronze 50 and outside of the beach Dior City Defense serum spf 50+++.
    As for moisturizer use something that is really lightweight, like water if possible.
    But to begin with, you need the facial cleansing in a trained beautician with microscope and sterilization otherwise you will break out no matter what you do
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  5. I would avoid oil based cleanser for now and use a mousse like one
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  6. I use a scrub every 2 days, and I do deep fascial cleansing. I found a sunscreen that my skin can tolerate as long as it’s 90 degrees outside. Anything over 90 degrees is when I start to break out. I will look into the mousse cleansers as well. Thank you. :smile:
  7. I also had pretty mild acne that came along around the seasons changing and making sure I'm moisturized helped. For the cleansing side I bought a Foreo to use with my cleansers (for me, nothing fancy as I use Target's dupe of Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Yes to Tomatoes charcoal bar, or a Daiso foaming cleanser) and make sure to focus on the problem areas. For me, that's my jawline. I love my Foreo.

    I too used the toothpaste/baking soda paste on the occasional zit and loved the results. My skin was always fine.
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  8. You might try a foundation for acne prone skin, you should check the link, I've written about acne, how to treat it and which products to use! Maybe will help you!

    Hope you remember everyday that you are beautiful no matter what!
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  9. Lagoom has a sunscreen that is great and reasonably priced, but they no longer sell it in the States. The only other one that I love (and doesn’t make me oily) is Tatcha. I also love the Tatcha water moisturizer.
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  10. I have acne since a teen and have realised my skin is very sensitive also.
    What works for me:
    -knowing my triggers: peanuts, alcohol, hyalauronic acid (is in so much these days!), dimethicones.
    -sticking with very simple skincare and throwing new products away if they cause breakouts(had to do with foundation makeups, sunscreens, moisturisers, bb creams, so many over the years)
    -researching before buying new products - reviews on Makeup Alley etc to see if they break people out, reading ingredient lists.
    -only sunscreen that works for me is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face SPF30 for breakout prone skin.
    -keeping my skin moisturised, I used to think drying it out would "kill the infection" or something!
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  11. You reminded me about being careful with make up! I only wore make up for special occasions until I discovered mineral makeup. It works so well for me. Like you, moisturizing helps too.
  12. Acne Coming back any time that's why you can maintain these things, Dermatologist in Hyderabad.

    1. Keep your face clean
    2. Moisturize
    3. Try an over-the-counter acne product
    4. Use makeup sparingly
    5. Watch what you put on your hair
    6. Keep your hands off your face
    7. Stay out of the sun
    8. Feed your skin
    9. Exercise daily
    10. Chill
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  13. Hi everyone!
    Use Acne Soap for your acne problem. I also have an acne problem that's why I suggest you use this soap it will be very effective.
  14. Reds and greens from 1Up Nutrition first thing with water on an empty stomach. Wait 30 mins to eat. Been amazing for my gut health, making my skin clear. Heal from within.