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A big problem with the Pochette Metis

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  1. Hi everyone :sad:
    today I'm really really sad.
    This afternoon I received my pochette Metis. I was very excited and happy till I saw a big scratch on the hardware, over the closure. There wasn't any plastic protection on it, so I think that the bag is a return of anyone else. I am really upset right now because for 1390€ I want a new bag, not a used one.
    I've just called the assistance and they told me to send them some photos. I hope they can order me a new one or let me return the bag. They MUST let me return the bag because is their fault, not mine. They sold me an used bag. How can they do this?! LV is supposed to be a luxury brand!!
    Another very bad detail is that the bag was open when I took it of from the dustbag (exactly like in the photo)... I saw a lot of unboxing and all the bags are closed.................
    i want to share with you some photos of the problem.
    do you think is a big problem or do you think I should keep the bag due to it's really hard to find??
    please, let me know what do you think about this disaster.....
    thank you so much.
    a sad Italian girl :sad:
    IMG_7521.JPG IMG_7538.JPG IMG_7526.JPG
  2. yeah, this definitely looks used. that's bad. i would make them give a refund too!
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  3. I'm not too picky and one scratch wouldn't bother me, but I would return this one and wait for another.
  4. I understand how this can hurt. Don’t worry. Return it and wait for another.
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  5. Definitely return or exchange!
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  6. A minor scratch wouldn't bother me but this looks really used. I'd return it!
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  7. that looks pretty bad, however, i think if you received a defective bag, they make an exception and put you on a waitlist for one that is available if you request an exchange. i spoke to client services and a lady helping me out told me that
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  8. It definitely looks like a used bag. If you can wait for a different one, returning it is a good idea.
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  9. Oh no! I’m so sorry. What a let down! Mine is two months old and still has the protective thing on it, yours in pretty bad shape. I would return. Are you in the US or Italy? It’s easier to find in the US, but I’m not sure about Italy.
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  10. That bag looks used, there are too many scratches on the lock, I would return it.
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  11. To be honest, it will likely look just like that after you use the bag for a few days. But I think you should exchange and get a new one. Just to know that no one else but you made the scratches on the lock!
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  12. so sad..definitely return and wait for another..this is not worth it to keep....goodluck
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  13. Not a big deal. If you’re not happy just return.
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  14. I’m in Italy! Yes I think it’s difficult to find here..
  15. The bag happening to be open is okay.. These are packaged by humans and one could’ve forgotten to close it. However, the scratches are unacceptable.
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