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A bag I bought has ink stains

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  1. Hi everyone, I need some advice, I'm so depressed right now.

    I bought an MCM bag from a Facebook seller who told me the bag is brand new. When I received the bag yesterday, the handles and hardware were wrapped, but I noticed the authenticity card said the purchase date was 2017. This is the first time I have ever bought a bag online, and I assumed that the bag was purchased this year. But that's my mistake, and that's ok.

    This morning I had another look at the bag and noticed ink stains towards the bottom, which did not appear in the photos the seller sent me. She didn't mention this, and I didn't ask because I didn't think a brand new bag would have any ink stains.


    I showed this to the seller and asked to return the bag, but she argued that the stains are not from ink, and the reason why she didn't mention this to me was because she didn't see it. She said I could rub it out, or I could send the bag back to her to get it out. I told her I wanted to return it and get my money back, and then she stopped reading my messages. What should I do? I went to a spa today and they confirmed this is an ink stain and can't be removed.
  2. How did you pay for it? If through CC or PP (not friends and family) you should have some recourse.
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