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40th Birthday Present - which Cartier Bracelet

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Which bracelet?

  1. Cartier Love Cuff

    13 vote(s)
  2. Cartier Small Love bracelet

    32 vote(s)
  3. Small JUSTE un Clou

    20 vote(s)
  1. Hi Everyone!
    I turned 40 in March but because of this COVID situation I haven’t been able to go into a store because they are closed. I was debating between the small love bracelet, love cuff or small JUSTE un Clou. I love the look of the classic love bracelet, but I don’t think I can leave it on all the time. So I thought the cuff might be a good alternative or the small love. The JUSTE un Clou is nice too. Does anyone have the cuff? Any regrets? Which would you get? Thank you in advance!​
  2. Anyone choose the cuff over another bracelet or vice versa?
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  3. Hi, I have the love bangle and after a few weeks you don’t notice it is on (except when admiring it!). I will get a JuC next though....I didn’t like the bracelet for me, it didn’t feel the same. Have you tried them on? Wait until you can as you will know immediately. Good luck!
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  4. Do you have the classic or small?
  5. I have the classic love and a small love. Of the two, I prefer the classic. Like many people have said, the small love is only nice when stacked.

    I went to the store to try on the small juste and clou yesterday and I love it. I'm seriously considering it. It's edgy and cool. I love how it can be taken off so easily.

    Here is a pic of me trying it on yesterday. IMG_20200522_153614.gif
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  6. Happy birthday! I bought myself a LOVE bracelet last year for my 40th birthday and it was such an awesome experience.
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  7. It’s just hard because the stores have been closed for so long. They only do curb side pickup or you can order online. I likely won’t be able to try it on in person anytime soon.
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  8. Happy belated birthday!!

    I tried on both the regular and cuff and ended up with the cuff. I liked how both looked and felt but my SA said my life was too active for the regular. I would want to be able to take it off and it’s really meant to stay on. I’m very happy with my fdecision and don’t regret it one bit. I’m thinking my next piece will be the small juste in clou.
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  9. so you’re completely happy with the cuff? Did you try the small love bracelet? My wrist is 7” and wondering if the cuff/classic would look better or the small classic love bracelet.
  10. Hi, I have the classic, I have only tried the JUC in classic also and loved it, but when the time comes I’ll try the classic and small to compare. A friend of mine with the classic love 4 diamond just received the JuC classic diamond for her birthday, and she is ecstatic. Be patient, the stores will open soon and you will be able to have the full experience and try the different options. Keep your birthday joy going until then - Good luck!
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  11. I was able to book an appointment with my SA to go in and make my purchase!
  12. I absolutely love my classic cuff! I feel like it stands out a lot more if you’re currently not stacking. I wear my cuff with my classic love bracelet and it’s such a perfect stack! If you live in Toronto, the bloor street boutique is now accepting appointments.
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  13. I did not try on the thin just the regular. I’m more then happy.

    I definitely recommend trying them if you can because that can help make your decision.
  14. Happy birthday. I think you should wait until you're able to to into the store and have the full shopping experience.
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  15. I just called and hoping I can get an appointment soon!
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