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19S iridescent bag owners - how is it wearing with usage?

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  1. Hi, I'm considering purchasing a pink iridescent medium flap, however I'm wondering how the 19s flaps are doing with usage? I saw the thread with someone comparing the flap and it is thinner, however I'm more curious to see how everyone is doing with color transfer and if owners think the iridescence will fade off with wear.

    Any thoughts or experience? I'm not not sure if it would hold up to be worth the cost of the bag. I would only be using the bag for special occasions/weekends.
  2. I have the small beige iridescent classic flap and it’s holding up well. Yes the leather is a lot thinner (mostly the inside flap) but I haven’t had any colour transfer. I’ve been very careful to only wear with light colours aside from wearing it with a red dress once for a few hours and it’s still pristine
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  3. Awesome thanks for posting your experience! I have a pink iridescent coming to me, I’m so excited!
  4. I have the m/l iridescent beige and it's holding up pretty well so far. I haven't exactly been extremely careful with it and it still looks new. I've worn it with navy pants, light jeans, dresses, and carelessly placed it on chairs.
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