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18P Denim Reissue

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had the denim reissue from 18P. I saw this on display in the Sloane Street store in London yesterday and fell in love. It was the last one and when inspecting it there was some glue near the turn lock. They told me there was another in Selfridges so I went there and it had the same glue problem. Does anyone have this bag or other denim pieces and had the same problem? I can’t get the bag out my head but at £3,500 for both to be faulty seems crazy. Really want to add a denim piece to my collection and prepared for them to be a bit risky and having to be gentle but i’m not so sure now. Any experience would be great. Thank you!

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  2. Im not usually a reissue fan but this bag is gorgeous!
  3. I am not usually a denim fan- but this bag is EVERYTHING! How noticeable is the glue? Is it just you that knows it is there? Because our Chanel bags cost us a pretty penny, I feel I/we look for problems! If you love it and know you will love carrying it, I would take the plunge!
  4. So the first one I saw the glue was quite bad, the SA tried to get it out but it was still showing. Same happened with the second bag but that one was significantly better. Maybe on the second bag I was looking for it since I had seen it on the first bag. It is such a beautiful bag that i’ll be sad to miss out but I haven’t had a denim bag before so unsure if this is ‘normal’ or not
  5. Hi there!
    I have this bag.. i inspected it and did not find any glue or marks..
    Good luck!
    I hope you get it..
    I absolutely love mine, always get a lot of compliments :biggrin: