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100% tariffs on French handbags???

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  1. It's my understanding there's a 90-days window for evaluation, (public) hearings, (...) before something happens. So still a lot of time for the smoke to clear. ;)

    Since there are tariffs in effect for other goods currently, right now some German manufacturers are already "swallowing" these additional cost in order to stay competitive and honor their supply contracts with their American partners. Of course they don't go into details publicly, but the overall understanding is that they can do it for a while before it really hurts. So they hope this gets resolved before it comes to that.

    My guess is that Hermès, and everyone else affected, would also try to "swallow" this at first, even if just to a large portion and only increase/adjust prices as they would do anyway.

    I might be proven wrong, but I don't think passing through "100% tariffs" to customers would be survivable for any given brand/manufacturer.

    You will of course always have customers who "absolutely need to have it" or who go shopping in Europe/*wherever* and then trying to avoid tax and tariffs. But I would hope there are enough who'd simply tell to shove it. ;)

    (It's time for our "world leaders" to actually lead by good example get their sh*t together and work it out. This has been coming for a long time due to negligence/silence on so many topics from ALL participants.)

    All in all, plenty of time to work it out.

    Kind regards,
  2. I don’t know that eating 100% in expense would be survivable for any company either.

    However, Asian countries are a bigger buyer of luxury goods than the us so it may not have such a big impact on these brands after all.
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  3. Since they are not engaged in the US as single market and due to other factors, it is survivable short term. They can even come out ahead if the play it right.

    I hope it can be averted anyway.

    Kind regards,
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  4. The various tariffs implemented by this administration just make imported goods more expensive for all of us who live in the US. We’re the ones paying this extra tax at the end of the day. Sadly, a lot of people don’t understand that basic fact.
    Yet, looking at the overall international picture, I’m more worried about the state of NATO than new tariffs tbh.
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  5. Three points-

    1. awesome, the secondary market and our “collection” values will rebound (prices have dropped due to supply levels)
    2. my bank accounts, and yours too, are going to rebound because of not buying and unused items have sold
    3. THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR POLITICAL DEBATE OR COMMENTS. Please and thank you! ( yes all caps because it’s annoying to come to this forum to ESCAPE all that and the read political commentary)
  6. Explaining how tariffs work is not a political statement. It’s a statement of facts. :facepalm:
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  7. Oh yes, sorry I didn’t mean to post this piece of news as a political thing... just wanting to point out there *might* be a potential price increase for the US buyers over all... mods pls feel free to delete if it’s deemed a political thread. No hard feelings! :flowers:
  8. I think that is a very interesting piece of news thank you for posting. In reality everything in life is political because politics affects how we live- there is no getting away from it. I don’t claim to understand tariffs. Would that mean (for example) @fabuleux that a bag that say costs £600 it would now be £1200?
  9. In theory, yes @ladysarah .

    In reality it depends on if tariffs go into effect, and if they do, it again depends on if importers meet the quantities from which tariffs start. Even then, certain products could be exempt. And like I said, brands/manufacturers could decide to not pass them on to customers or only partially.

    Doesn't change the fact that @fabuleux is right, one way or another the consumer will (does) pay for it in the end.

    And just like they do with the tariffs on German/European cars, it could just remain a threat/ collateral on the negotiating table.

    At this point I wouldn't read to much into it anyway. ;)

    Kind regards,
  10. There are some political comments in this thread already and it’s well known we don’t allow it. I’m closing it before it escalates :flowers:
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